What to watch for during VCT Game Changers Series 2

What to watch for during VCT Game Changers Series 2

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

6/18/2021, 7:31:37 PM

The Valorant Champions Tour is coming off of quite the high with a successful Masters Reykjavik tournament. As Stage 3 begins, there is plenty more competitive Valorant to come. That includes the next series in the VCT Game Changers. Series 2 begins on June 19 for the qualifying rounds. The Main Event then takes place June 24 through June 27.

Presented by Dignitas and Nerd Street Gamers, VCT Game Changers 2 gives a competitive platform to women and other marginalized genders in the Valorant scene. Series 1 saw some intense action back in March and this upcoming VCT Game Changers event should be no different. With all of the teams announced, here is what to look for in the second series of North American Game Changers.

What to watch for during VCT Game Changers Series 2

Cloud9 White will keep dominating

Cloud9 White won the first VCT Game Changers and certainly has their eyes set on this upcoming event. They are a sturdy team that has performed in the Challengers portion of the Champions Tour. Granted, the other teams have plenty of VODs to review and time to prepare, but C9W is just that good. Even if they don’t outright win, expect them to make it far and drain the life out of whoever it is they face.

Top 8 is going to look pretty familiar

CLG Red, Dignitas, Shopify Rebellion (formerly Moon Raccoons Black/Built by Butter), TSM FTX, Man I Love Fwogs, and Cloud9 White fought hard to make the Main Event last time around. It would be no surprise if all six teams made it to the top eight bracket yet again. Two other teams will have to join. That could truly be anybody, but seeing any of the aforementioned teams not make it through the qualifier should be considered a major upset.

Look for Shopify Rebellion and Man I Love Fwogs to make major strides

Shopify Rebellion were once the ever-popular Moon Raccoons Black roster. With their new organization behind them, they have plenty more to prove. The same goes for the orgless Man I Love Fwogs. Both teams have incredible players with loads of passion for competitive Valorant. If they go against each other, count on it to be one of the best matches of VCT Game Changers Series 2. These two teams are going to exceed all expectations.

A shot in the dark

VCT Game Changers Series 2 has 31 teams looking to qualify for the Main Event. We all know Valorant can be random at times, so watch out for some unorthodox strategies, ferocity, and immense drive to win from some of the lesser known teams in the tournament.

There are some teams with great names headed into this one. Simply based on that, here’s hoping we see strong performances from 100 Emoji, Unbind Crouch, and 24Haven. Everyone loves an awesome team name and roots for the underdog. That is just human nature.

Best of luck to every team in VCT Game Changers Series 2. Some amazing competitive Valorant is coming up and can be viewed on the Dignitas Twitch channel come Main Event time.

Stay tuned to Run It Back for a recap of the qualifying stage of VCT Game Changers Series 2 and eventually the Main Event!


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