VCT NA Stage 1 Masters: Quarterfinals Day 2

VCT NA Stage 1 Masters: Quarterfinals Day 2

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

3/13/2021, 2:23:31 AM

The biggest Valorant tournament of 2021 so far is underway. Every single region is competing in their Stage 1 Masters event. The NA Stage 1 Masters event of the Valorant Champions Tour started off extremely hot. Some absolutely insane performances came out of the first day of action. Day two was just as hot. It ended the Quarterfinals of the Upper Bracket and set up two elimination matches in the Lower Bracket.

Run It Back is here with the results of VCT NA Stage 1 Masters: Quarterfinals Day 2.

VCT NA Stage 1 Masters

Image via VALORANT Champions Tour NA (Twitter)

Quarterfinals Day 2

Sentinels 2:1 Luminosity Gaming

Image via VALORANT Champions Tour NA (Twitter)


This highly anticipated contest started on Ascent. All eyes were on this one as Sentinels entered the server with Tyson “TenZ” Ngo as their last minute substitute after the suspension of Jay “sinatraa” Won.

The pistol round saw the teams trade rounds, but Hunter “SicK” Mims finished it for SEN with a 3K. Luminosity responded as Alex “aproto” Protopapas took his own 3K with the Sheriff. Brady “thief” Dever kept it rolling with a 4K for LG. Sentinels were able to retaliate, though. The map went on with some back and forth action. A Jared “zombs” Gitlin 4K put Sentinels in front. SicK with another 3K kept them there. Halftime approached with a Sentinels lead of 8:4.

Luminosity switched to their defensive side and immediately stood their ground. The first two rounds of the second half went in their favor very quickly. A 4K by TenZ put another round on the board for Sentinels, however. The following round was all Luminosity again. They continued to claw their way closer to a tie. Sentinels kept pushing back. Another great post plant by Sentinels with SicK forcing kill after kill took the team closer to victory. Michael “dapr” Gulino was able to secure a couple of kills, stop the defuse, and give Sentinels the 13:8 Ascent win.


After a technical issue paused the stream and the series, the broadcast jumped into an already active Split. Sentinels was up 3:1 when the stream returned. Almost immediately, Sentinels put up another round and extended their lead. That continued as TenZ delivered big with a 3K out of Garage. Sentinels attacking strategy was as overwhelming as it could be. Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan made his presence known with a 3K to push him to 13-4-0 in the middle of the first half. A Flawless round finally gave LG their second of the map. Luminosity stopped the bleeding with some defensive stands by aproto and Diondre “YaBoiDre” Bond. Halftime arrived with an 8:4 round count for Sentinels.

Much like Ascent, LG came out swinging in the pistol round of the second half with a thief 3K. The second round was just as dominate by the Luminosity Gaming squad. Also similar to Ascent, TenZ put together a solid round to give Sentinels their first of the half. Luminosity quickly responded with some powerful offensive tactics. A sandwich attempt by Sentinels after LG took B Site went in favor of the latter as they patiently dispatched their opponents. YaBoiDre changed his tune from Ascent and put the hurt to SEN on Split, giving them their first lead at 10:9. Sentinels immediately tied it back up as ShahZaM and TenZ took care of business. It was two Flawless rounds in a row that gave them 11. LG got their 11th right after. A crazy 3K with the Blade Storm and a Judge by ShahZaM forced overtime.

Overtime started with both teams trading out a kill. Luminosity Gaming held their ground and picked off the players of Sentinels one by one. A Brenden “stellar” McGrath 3K ensured either another overtime period or an LG victory. An LG victory is exactly what happened. They overwhelmed B Site as the attacking team, planting the Spike, and decimating Sentinels and winning 14:12. Luminosity made sure Sentinels would have to beat them on Icebox to win the series.


A crazy first round saw Luminosity get the Spike down and Sentinels defuse it in a smoke. SEN took round two, but LG responded with a slow set of engagements to take their first round after a YaBoiDre 3K. A round later and LG tied it early. The following round saw dapr steal it with a defuse as Kaleb “moose” Jayne misjudged the wall penetration of where the Spike was planted. Sentinels started to roll after that. TenZ put up great round after great round, contributing to the expanded lead of SEN. LG put up a fight, but Sentinels refused to go down, ending the half up 9:3.

The second half was no different. TenZ was denied the Ace by SicK, but the plays were incredible with the Frenzy. After that, Sentinels just started to run through Luminosity gaming. A crazy turn events prevented LG from gaining any momentum to try and bring it back. YaBoiDre was as close to defusing as could be before falling. ShahZaM continued the pressure and took a 3K to make sure the remaining defuse time was never allowed. At match point, however, LG was able to take a round. Then another. And then that was it. Sentinels built up their economy, were able to buy, and finished of LG 13:6.

100 Thieves 2:0 Immortals

Image via VALORANT Champions Tour NA (Twitter)


It would be hard to follow a SEN vs. LG series, but if there was any match up that could do it, it was this one. Two more hard hitting teams entered the server to finish the VCT NA Stage 1 Masters Quarterfinals.

The floating town in the sky known as Ascent was the first map. It started off slow, but 100 Thieves managed to find the first round. Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella challenged the IMT squad down A Main, picking off some players, and setting his team up for a lead in the first gun round. nitr0 kept it up with a 3K and then an Ace as the 100T attack plan went off without a hitch. Rhett “Kehmicals” Lynch responded with some amazing Paint Shells as Immortals took their first round and then some. 100T kept their lead, but Immortals played to their strengths to keep the rounds at a doable 8:4.

The second half pistol round saw Immortals fly in and swat 100 Thieves like flies. That aggression was nowhere to be found in the first half. The same happened in the following round, showing a new fire lit under the IMT players. Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk finally kicked it into gear, preventing Immortals from taking A Site and extending 100T’s round count to 9. Immortals battled back, but a 1v4 clutch attempt by Nicholas “NaturE” Garrison was cut short at a 3K. It was going to be a 4K for either NaturE or Joshua “steel” Nissan. The latter managed to pull it off, bringing 100T to match point. Immortals wasn’t done, though, forcing overtime.

The first round of overtime was all 100 Thieves. steel opened things up and the rest of the team took A to plant the Spike. Asuna finished it with some style as he launched the Showstopper and connected right after with Kehmicals‘ head for a 3K. Immortals answered back, forcing their way onto B from mid, and tying the map. Double overtime saw a wild exchange of bullets as Ethan “Ethan” Arnold was the last one standing, giving 100T another lead. Noah “jcStani” Smith almost kept overtime going with an Ace, but was shut down at a 4K, giving 100T the win 15:13.


Both teams wasted no time, pushing each other at C Long on Haven. Amgalan “Genghsta” Nemekhbayar and Andrew “ShoT_UP” Orlowski cleaned house. Incredibly, both teams met again in front of B Site at Mid. Immortals got the better of that engagement, as well. ShoT_UP continued fragging out as Breach. A close round saw a great retake from 100T in order to get their first of the map. Eventually, they would take three as the team found their groove. Each squad put up some Flawless rounds. The fight was intense all throughout the first half. Sides switched with a tight 7:5 lead for Immortals.

The second half’s pistol round went to 100 Thieves. It wasn’t long until the rounds were all tied up. 100 Thieves made some incredibly smart plays, splitting the map, surprising Immortals, and taking all the space they needed. Immortals still managed to retake C Site and regain a one round lead. The back and forth continued as Asuna destroyed the Killjoy Lockdown, allowing 100T to take A and win the post plant scenario. 100T proved to be unstoppable as the attacking team late in this one. Ethan took the top fragging spot with a 3K, bringing it to series point. Just like that, a 2:0 went to 100 Thieves with Haven ending 13:8.

Stay tuned to Run It Back as the VCT continues with the NA Stage 1 Masters tournament!


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