VCT Japan Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs Results

VCT Japan Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs Results

Gabriel Ionica

8/16/2021, 7:56:05 PM

Even though the VCT Japan Playoffs only lasted for three days, these guys know how to put on a show. Out of the eight total teams, only two were crowned as champions and are set to represent their country at the Berlin Finals. For those of you who don’t know the eight teams of the Playoffs, take a look at our Stage 3 Challengers 1 and Challengers 2 recaps to get up to speed! If you’ve kept up with the Japanese scene, you might be able to guess who those two champion teams are. Regardless, let’s see how each team fared in their matchups.


The FENNEL boys started off strong, sending BlackBird Ignis to the lower bracket right away with a 2-0 win. The Upper Bracket Semifinals though, greeted them with a swift kick in the pants thanks to Crazy Raccoon. Then in the Lower Bracket, FENNEL was able to fend off against Insomnia but ZETA DIVISION (ex-Absolute Jupiter) made their run short-lived and the team was sent packing.


REJECT was certainly REJECTed from the Upper Bracket by Northeption. They didn’t do much better in the Lower Bracket either, where a second loss, this time against Insomnia, quickly eliminated them from the tournament.


There’s nothing quite as unlucky as facing Crazy Raccoon in your first Playoffs match but alas, that’s what happened to Feeling. Unsurprisingly, the Raccoons cleaned the floor with them and knocked them down in the Lower Bracket with the rest. They made short work of BlackBird Ignis but their unlucky streak continued when they went up against ZETA DIVISION who in turn, made short work of them.


For a new team with no prior VCT tournament, Insomnia held their own pretty well! Granted, their first match was against ZETA DIVISION but once they were in the Lower Bracket, they didn’t do so bad. They defeated REJECT 2-1 and moved on to even take a few rounds against FENNEL. They didn’t win, but it shows that they might be a force to be reckoned with going forward. Well done!


Northeption has only been around since February, but they haven’t failed to impress. Not only did they place first at the VCT Japan Stage 2 Challengers 1, but now they made it all the way to the Upper Bracket Final! That means they plowed through REJECT and even ZETA DIVISION! Crazy Raccoon stopped their journey of upsets in the Upper Bracket Final and ZETA DIVISION then took their revenge in the Lower Bracket Final. Regardless of their ultimate loss, the fact that they defeated ZETA DIVISION is incredibly impressive and the biggest upset in the Japanese Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs.

BlackBird Ignis

BlackBird Ignis hung on through Challengers 1 but once the Playoffs rolled around, they got rolled too. Two 0-2 losses against FENNEL and Feeling were too much for them to handle and they were one of the first teams to be eliminated from the tournament.

Crazy Raccoon and ZETA DIVISION

This leaves our two champions, our class rivals, Crazy Raccoon and ZETA DIVISION. Back when the latter was known as Absolute JUPITER, Crazy Raccoon came in from nowhere and absolutely dethroned them in the VCT Japan Stage 2 Challengers Finals. Since then, there’s been an unspoken rivalry between the two teams, and they once again butted heads here at the Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs.

As one would expect, the Grand Final matchup between these two was fierce. ZETA established dominance at first with two quick wins on both Haven and Split. Crazy Raccoon wasn’t going to let themselves go down that easily and retaliated with two wins of their own on Breeze and Icebox. Thus, it was all down to Ascent to determine who would take first place. Crazy Raccoon fought back once again but their momentum couldn’t keep up as ZETA won ascent 13:8 and took back the first place they lost at the Stage 2 Challengers Finals.

Even with that loss though, both teams will represent Japan at the Masters Berlin event from September 9 to 19 of this year. Looking at some of the other qualifying teams from around the world, Berlin is sure to be something that you do not want to miss.

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