VCT Japan Stage 2 Qualifiers Recap

VCT Japan Stage 2 Qualifiers Recap

Gabriel Ionica

4/4/2021, 10:08:23 PM

The VCT Japan Stage 2 Challengers 1 Qualifiers have officially come to an end and we now have our new Challengers 1 teams! The landscape looks much different than the Stage 1 Qualifier, with some popular teams failing to make it through. Which popular teams exactly? Glad you asked.

The Teams that Qualified

SCARZ, Absolute JUPITER, and Lag Gaming are the only three Japanese teams to make it through both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Challengers qualifiers. Crazy Raccoon, the team that took home the Stage 1 Masters trophy, also made it past the qualifiers with flying colors. The new challengers who will attempt to dethrone these teams are チーム探してます, Shikou Kouketsu, Feeling, and Northeption.

The latter three are not completely new as they have made their presence known at the Stage 1 qualifiers but were eliminated by other teams before they could make it too far. チーム探してます is the only new team at VCT Japan, at least in its current form. The name translates to “I’m looking for a team”, suggesting that this is an organization-less team. Two of the players on the roster, BlackWiz and xnfri previously played for AVALON Gaming, a team that also failed to make it past the Stage 1 qualifiers.

The Teams that are Missing

REJECT, DetonatioN Gaming, FIRST Gaming, and BlackBird Ignis all failed to make it past the Challengers 1 qualifiers, which is pretty shocking. Not only did they pull off some really impressive wins in Stage 1, but some even made it into our RunItBack Valorant Awards for Masters Japan! Don’t count them out just yet though as they could always come back in later at Challengers 2 qualifier.

New teams in the tournament could potentially mean a new champion or just a new team proving that they have what it takes to duke it out with the big boys. Either way, it’ll be an exciting tournament to watch and an even more exciting one to cover.

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