VCT Japan Stage 2 Challengers Finals Results

VCT Japan Stage 2 Challengers Finals Results

Gabriel Ionica

5/3/2021, 9:32:37 AM

This is it. The last chance for a Japanese team to make their name known at Masters Reykjavík. Out of the eight VCT Japan challengers, only one will come out victorious. Like with VCT Japan Masters, we’re gonna do this one by teams. Who knows which team will be crowned champion? Well, you will if you keep reading.


For a team that placed first in their group in Challengers 1, Northeption didn’t fare too well here. An initial victory against LAG Gaming looked like potentially good news but their next matchup was against Crazy Raccoon. They did win a match against them in overtime though, so they didn’t get completely demolished, Their losing streak continued in the lower bracket where they ended up being eliminated by FAV Gaming.

LAG Gaming

Speaking of bad luck, their initial loss against Northeption immediately placed them in the lower bracket against REJECT. They put up a fair fight but fair wasn’t good enough against REJECT, who swept them off their feet and out of the tournament.


Despite an initial loss against the champions from Crazy Raccoon, REJECT dominated the lower bracket. They knocked out LAG Gaming, SCARZ, and FAV Gaming before coming across Absolute JUPITER. If you’re familiar with JUPITER, you’ll be able to predict that they indeed knocked out REJECT. They rejected them if you will.


SCARZ had a shaky start against FAV Gaming but still squeezed by with a victory. That is until they faced Absolute JUPITER as well who sent them into the lower bracket. The lower bracket was just as unlucky for them as REJECT made short work of their all-capitals brother and sent them packing.

FAV Gaming

After losing to SCARZ, FAV Gaming wreaked a bit of havoc in the lower bracket. FENNEL and Northeption saw their lives flash before their eyes when FAV Gaming came to town but REJECT put an end to their massacre in the Lower Bracket Round 3, just like at the Stage 1 Masters.


These boys went the way of LAG Gaming. No victories in the Upper Bracket and a swift elimination from the Lower Bracket at the hands of FAV Gaming. Sad times in the FENNEL house.

Crazy Raccoon & Absolute Jupiter

That leaves us with the two dominant teams: Crazy Raccoon and Absolute JUPITER. Much like in Stage 1 Masters, these two went undefeated until they faced each other in the Upper Bracket Final. In Stage 1, Absolute JUPITER sent Crazy Raccoon to the lower bracket but the tables turned this time around. After JUPITER made short work of REJECT, they came back with a vengeance against Crazy Raccoon.

Absolute JUPITER put up more of a fight here, taking the win on Bind in overtime. They almost took Haven from Crazy Raccoon too but luck was not on their side that time and the third map win went the way of the Raccoon after a mind-blowing last round.

This makes Crazy Raccoon the VCT Japan champions and the team that will represent their country at Masters Reykjavík from May 23 to May 30. They will face the best teams from around the world including Sentinels, Team Liquid, Fnatic, and more.

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