VCT Japan: Challengers 3 Group B Results

VCT Japan: Challengers 3 Group B Results

Gabriel Ionica

3/8/2021, 9:29:35 AM

Now that we’ve covered VCT Japan Group A, let’s see how Group B did and who else will be taking the trip to VCT Japan Masters!


Fennel are one of the new additions to VCT Japan, having failed to make it past the previous qualifiers. They proved their worth in Challengers 3, standing up to more experienced teams like Sengoku Gaming and BLUE BEES. That’s not to say those two teams weren’t a challenge, but FENNEL definitely gave them a run for their money and won a match against both of them. Their match against Hexad was an entirely different story, and FENNEL took home their only 2:0 win of the day. Two ties and a win were enough for them to make it to Masters. There, they will face teams like Absolute JUPITER, FIRST Gaming, REJECT, and FAV Gaming.


After a tie and two losses in Challengers 2, this was BLUE BEES’s last chance to play in Masters. FENNEL and Sengoku Gaming proved to be challenging for the pollinating insects but they still pulled off wins against them. With a 0-2-0 record, their last match against Hexad was the decider for BLUE BEES. Luckily for them, Zenakukin popped off in pretty much every match and led them to a 2:0 victory against Hexad. Like FENNEL, this secured their spot in the upcoming Masters event.

Sengoku Gaming

Challengers 3 proved to be a difficult time for Sengoku Gaming. The team failed to make it past both the Challengers 1 and Challengers 2 qualifier, with Challengers 3 being their first VCT Japan appearance. It was all ties for them and without a single 2:0 win to their name, they were eliminated from Challengers 3 and did not make it to Masters. They will have to try again in the upcoming Stage 2 Challengers for a change at the Stage 2 Masters.


If Sengoku had a hard time, then Hexad had a terrible time at Challengers 3. Their only victory was against Sengoku Gaming and that match ended up being a 1:1 tie in the end. Their other two matches against FENNEL and BLUE BEES were resounding 0:2 losses that led to Hexad having the worst record in their group: zero wins, one tie, and two losses.

That means that FENNEL and BLUE BEES are the two teams of out of Group B that will join Group A’s REJECT and Lag Gaming at VCT Japan Masters! We’ll be sure to give you an event preview followed by a detailed recap of the Masters matches when the time comes. In order to not miss it, follow us at Run it Back and join our Discord for all your latest news, extensive guides, and exclusive interviews in the world of Valorant.


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