VCT Japan: Challengers 2 Group A Results

VCT Japan: Challengers 2 Group A Results

Gabriel Ionica

3/1/2021, 10:40:14 AM

Yes, VCT Japan may be a bit behind the other VCT regions but Challengers 2 is now officially over! If you haven’t yet, check out the results of Challengers 1. This time around we have some new faces and some familiar faces as well! Without further ado, let’s take a gander into Group A’s results.

Absolute JUPITER VS Novagis Gaming

JUPITER was looking to stay on top after tying a match in VCT Japan Challengers 1 and it showed. Their Haven match against the newcomers of Novagis Gaming was pretty brutal for the latter despite Novagis winning both, pistol and the second round. JUPITER said “no more”, jumped in their steamroller, and that spelled the end for Novagis with a 13:3 finish in favor of JUPITER. Reyna main, Takemori “takej” Shogo, was a force to be reckoned in this match, topping the leaderboards with 21 kills and a 219.5 ADR.

I wish I could say Ascent was better but it was actually much worse. Novagis took two defuses and a team kill in the first half but everything past that went to Jupiter. Absolute JUPITER was so dominant in this match that nobody on Novagis even broke single-digit kills. 13:3 was the end score for this one with JUPITER taking their first win.

FIRST Gaming VS Hexad

FIRST Gaming looked very impressive last week. So impressive, in fact, that we even interviewed their owner! This time around they took on Hexad, another newcomer to VCT. Starting out on Haven, both teams were very close in stats with FIRST Gaming taking the lead with the first two rounds. It was so close in fact, that the first half was tied 6:6 with Hexad even taking the first three rounds of the second half. Unfortunately for Hexad, their winning streak ended there with FIRST Gaming taking the next six rounds, and eventually the game at 13:10. Sakurai is the most noteworthy player on Hexad with 171.6 ADR. In close second is Shin “Shuzz” Ji-seok with 144.9 ADR.

Split was a much more dominant map for FIRST Gaming with nine total rounds in the first half to Hexad’s three. The first two rounds of the second half went back to Hexad but they were not able to hold their lead with FIRST Gaming quickly recovering and taking the match 13:6.

Novagis Gaming VS Hexad

The two newcomers went head-to-head in an exciting matchup. The first half of Haven went very much in Novagis’s favor, with Hexad getting just four rounds on Novagis. The second half was an entirely different story. Once again, Sakurai was the dominant player on Hexad with a solid 173.2 ADR. Thanks to his efforts, Hexad actually brought it back in the second half but still lost the match 11:13.

On Bind, things looked very much the same with an 8:4 half for Novagis. If you were to guess who was on top for Hexad, would you guess Sakurai? If so, you’re correct! This time around though, Hexad brought it ALL the way back and won the match 13:10. Truly, a heartwarming comeback story.

FIRST Gaming VS Novagis Gaming

Both of these teams were fresh off a win so the pressure was high to win another one. Up in first place was FIRST Gaming’s bazz, with 24 kills throughout the first map. His presence was definitely felt as FIRST Gaming took eight rounds away from Novagis in the first half. Two more rounds were all that Novagis could muster in the second half so FIRST Gaming casually swept up the remaining five to win the match 13:6.

For Haven, take what happened in the first half of Split and flip it around. Novagis won eight rounds while FIRST Gaming only won four. Oh sorry, do the same for the second half. Novagis swept up five rounds and FIRST Gaming only two. It was literally 13:6 again but for Novagis instead of FIRST Gaming.

Absolute JUPITER VS Hexad

If I was Hexad, I’d be scared here. Absolute JUPITER are one of the most dominant teams in Japan. This did not deter Hexad from going all out. They started out the first half of Haven with four rounds, one after the other. Sure JUPITER bounced back with five rounds in total, but that wasn’t enough. Hexad won the first half 7:5. Second half? Six rounds for Hexad. Count them: one, two, three, six. That meant a 13:9 victory against Absolute JUPITER. Really impressive show from the underdogs.

JUPITER was out for blood on Ascent, starting off the map with an impressive six-round advantage. Hexad, powered by Brofeld‘s 171.6 ADR, fought back with another six rounds and tied the half. Their lead continues into the second half but JUPITER was able to bounce back from it and eventually close out the game 13:9 in their favor. Again, same score but the other team won.

FIRST Gaming VS Absolute JUPITER

Honestly, at this point, I didn’t know what to predict. The first half of Ascent was pretty wild to see since both teams trading rounds. It was so close that even by the end of the half, the match was still tied 6:6. Ushida “Laz” Koji really pulled through for JUPITER in this game, with a stunning 217.9 ADR and 31 kills. A rocky start for JUPITER in the second half spelled disaster and FIRST Gaming closed it out 13:11 after a match that was way too close for comfort.

Haven was, again, very much the same as Ascent. FIRST Gaming had a much better time in the first half though, pulling through with eight rounds to JUPITER’s measly four. The turns definitely tabled in the second half though, and it was JUPITER who got a head start this time around. Unlike on Ascent, FIRST Gaming were not able to pull it back in their favor and JUPITER took Haven 13:10.

  • Absolute JUPITER 2:0 Novagis Gaming
  • FIRST Gaming 2:0 Hexad
  • Novagis Gaming 1:1 Hexad
  • FIRST Gaming 1:1 Novagis Gaming
  • Absolute JUPITER 1:1 Hexad
  • FIRST Gaming 1:1 Absolute JUPITER

All this means that in Group A, Absolute JUPITER and FIRST Gaming have the same 1 win, 2 ties, 0 losses record. Considering that FIRST Gaming only made headlines (our headlines) starting with VCT Japan, it is incredible that they achieved such results. We’re not done yet folks, oh no. We still have VCT Japan Group B to go, and that’s a whole other article that’s coming very soon. In order to not miss it, follow us at Run it Back and join our Discord for all your latest news, extensive guides, and exclusive interviews in the world of Valorant.


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