VCT Brazil Stage 2 Challengers 3: Upcoming Event Preview

VCT Brazil Stage 2 Challengers 3: Upcoming Event Preview

Phillip Miner

4/23/2021, 7:26:40 PM

In mere hours, the last chance for Brazilian teams to represent their country in Valorant Masters: Reykjavík takes place. The playoffs of VCT Brazil Challengers 3 happens at 6 PM US Eastern Time today. At stake is the opportunity to play in the VCT Brazil Challengers Finals. From the Finals, the top two teams to survive will be flying to Reykjavik.

High Stakes

Eight teams have earned their right to participate in VCT Brazil Challengers 3:

Some familiar faces such as SLICK and paiN Gaming can be seen here. However, there are a few surprises. The Galaxy Carrots for instance haven’t shown up in one of these events since Stage 1 Challengers 2, where they were defeated by Gamelanders.

Meanwhile, the Black Dragons are a surprise, in the sense that they haven’t shown up to the Valorant Champions Tour sooner. They’re one of Brazil’s oldest esports organizations, having been founded in 1997. They have played in previous stages of VCT Brazil, but weren’t even able to crack the Qualifiers. This time appears to be different, however.

What’s Next?

There’s a lot at stake here besides being able to represent Brazil at Reykjavik. There’s also a significant amount of prize money up for grabs in the Challengers Finals themselves – a little over $10,000 US to be exact! The four surviving teams of VCT Brazil Challengers 3 will go on to face these four teams for the right to go to Reykjavik:

  • Gamelanders
  • FURIA Esports
  • Team Vikings
  • Sharks Esports

Will the Black Dragons go the distance? Can the Galaxy Carrots earn the opportunity to get revenge on Gamelanders? You can catch the action today on the official Twitch channel for Valorant Brazil. As mentioned before, the action will start at 6 PM US Eastern Time.

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