VCT Brazil Challengers 2: Final Results

VCT Brazil Challengers 2: Final Results

Phillip Miner

2/23/2021, 10:13:17 AM

For a couple of Brazilian teams, revenge was the name of the game in VCT Brazil Challengers 2. Meanwhile, two favorites from Challengers 1 claimed their right to be in the Masters phase. Here’s a quick rundown of what happened in VCT Brazil Challengers 2.

The Masters of Brazil

Four teams have earned their right to proceed to the next phase of the Valorant Champions Tour, the Masters phase. Those four teams are:

Gamelanders and Vorax claimed the Top 2 slots, while FURIA Esports and Team Vikings claimed Top 4. Just like Challengers 1, there was also prize money involved in VCT Brazil Challengers 2. Gamelanders and Vorax each earned $2,774 US, while FURIA Esports and Team Vikings each earned $1,850 US.

Gamelanders and Vorax Get Revenge

Remember when we said during VCT Brazil Challengers 1 that it was heartbreaking Vorax didn’t get a victory, considering their history? Well, Vorax have since rectified that problem. Not only that, but they got revenge on the team that knocked them out of Challengers 1! The team known as SLICK, who previously eliminated Vorax on their way to a Top 4 victory in Challengers 1, faced Vorax once again in the Upper Bracket Final of Group B. It was there where not only did Vorax exact vengeance on SLICK, but did so in 2:0 fashion! SLICK were subsequently eliminated by Team Vikings in the Lower Bracket FInal. Through this, Team Vikings punched their ticket to the Masters phase of the VCT.

Gamelanders, meanwhile, got revenge of a different sort: redemption. This team that won First Strike Brazil previously failed to qualify for the playoffs during VCT Brazil Challengers 1. Their past failures have now been put to rest, since they have qualified for the Masters phase by defeating Rise Gaming 2:0 in the Upper Bracket Final. Rise Gaming was subsequently defeated by FURIA Esports in the Lower Bracket Final. The victory secured FURIA Esports’ spot in the Masters phase of the VCT.

Who will be the final four teams that will join these four in the Masters phase of the VCT? We’ll find out next week as Challengers 3 commences for Brazil. We at Run it Back will of course provide coverage!


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