Valorant Weapon Guide: Machine Guns

Valorant Weapon Guide: Machine Guns

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

8/22/2020, 7:14:58 PM

Heavy weapons can turn the tide of a battle in any game. Valorant Machine Guns deliver wall penetrating power that will send the enemy team to their demise when aimed and timed right.

With another category of Valorant weapons comes two more. The two weapons in this category pack the punch of gods. Their names are derived from a couple of them after all.


Cost: 1600

The fact that this gun, named after the Greek god of war, is only 1600 creds should be illegal. The damage done rivals many of the other automatic weapons in the game. While it may not have the capacity and firing rate of the Odin, the Ares may be the most underrated weapon in all of Valorant.

Thinking of a machine gun, one does not imagine the type of versatility the Ares provides. Starting at a fire rate of 10 rounds per second, it gets faster over the amount of time it is fired. The spread is rather large, but that is expected. A 50 round magazine is nothing to scoff at either.

It can fire through walls and its alternate firing option is just unfair. The fire rate does not lower like the other weapons in the game. The spread and recoil reduce when aiming down sights. The Ares is a weapon that can be used for any situation. Unleash it up close or from afar and keep the crosshair level. There’s no stopping it.


Cost: 3200

The Odin is named after the Allfather, the foremost god of Norse mythology, father to the almighty Thor. It is only fitting that this machine gun is the biggest weapon in Valorant. While it is double the cost of the Ares, it may be doubly destructive, as well.

The fire rate is two seconds faster and increases over time just like the lower priced machine gun. The magazine size is incredible, holding 100 rounds. Two bullets to the head is enough to topple an opponent. Imagine spraying down an entire team at head level, that is 10 bullets out of 100 to do the job.

Aiming down the sights for the alternate firing option makes it even deadlier. The spread and recoil are reduced, like most guns, but the real change is in the fire rate. It goes up to a whopping 130%. That’s right, aiming down the sights causes this monster of a gun to fire even faster. The only downside is how clunky the gun is. Speed isn’t an option with the Odin, that’s why it’s quite the risky gun to wield.


Both Valorant machine guns can absolutely shred through the other team. The choice relies on economical need. The Ares is the more popular and efficient option, but the Odin can be a game changer. Are you stacked with creds? Get the Odin and rip into your opponents. Listen for them to come through B Main on Ascent and send a spurt of bullets through the wall, sending them either running or to the spectator screen.

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Brandon "Mothman" Moore

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