VALORANT update 3.08 adds hide account level option and skin level selection

VALORANT update 3.08 adds hide account level option and skin level selection

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski

10/19/2021, 1:29:05 PM

Featured image credit: Riot Games

Riot Games is rolling out another update for one of its babies, VALORANT. Update 3.08 will see no agent or weapon buffs or nerfs. However, players and coaches will be pleased with some social, progression, store, and performance updates coming in the patch.

We’ve selected what we think are the major and most noticeable changes in update 3.08 and listed them down below.

Hide Account Level

It’s now possible to hide your Account Level when in a match with others who are not your friends

– To enable, uncheck the box located in the Level Border tab

– Riot Games

The account level display feature has been with us for quite a while now. However, not all players appreciated the fact that non-friends could see their level. The update lets players switch off displaying their account level to people that are not on their in-game friends list.

Equip Any Skin Level

You should be able to equip any skin level except on variants, which will always default to the max skin level

– Riot Games

Prime 2.0 “karambit” melee owners will love this update. We will now all be able to select any skin level we wish. Before update 3.08, once you bought a level, there was no way to revert and equip a lower skin level.

New Options for Coaches

Coaches now have the ability to swap to players with keybinds

– Keybinds are 1-5 from left to right across the top HUD

Coaches will now see a visual Picture-in-Picture (PIP) on the top player HUD to indicate who they are spectating

Coaches now inherit the setting to see player keybindings on the minimap, similar to Observers

– Riot Games

For many professional VALORANT teams, having a coach have your back is key. These new options provide a better layout for coaches, as well as more options in general.

Report Feedback

Your reports matter, and we want you to know that! You will now be notified if we took action on one of your reports, whether you are offline or not.

If your client is up and running, you’ll receive a notification. If you’re offline at the time of action, fret not! You’ll receive your notification upon your return.

– Riot Games

Reporting pesky in-game behaviour is crucial for VALORANT to be an enjoyable game. Riot have added better report feedback mechanics into the game so that you’ll consistently be notified when someone got punished with your help. Even if you’re offline.

Head on over to the official Riot Games VALORANT website to have a peek at the full patch notes from update 3.08.

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