VALORANT Patch 4.09 brings Chamber nerf and more

VALORANT Patch 4.09 brings Chamber nerf and more

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski

5/10/2022, 2:08:24 PM

Image credit: Riot Games

This week’s patch 4.09 for VALORANT is headlined with a nerf to the game’s French agent, Chamber. Also, there are some changes to Fade’s VFX and some bug fixes for Jett. Though not a huge patch overall, the the patch definitely hinders the viability of Chamber’s Sentinel role.


  • Trademark cost: 150 –> 200 credits
  • Trademark charges: reduced from 2 –> 1
  • Increased audio range of Trademark

While Chamber boasts extreme firepower, his Sentinel role has been hindered quite significantly due to patch 4.09. His only ability that causes him to fit into that Sentinel segment, has seen an increase in price, and a reduction in charges. With only one charge, teams will have to reconsider whether Chamber will be an adequate pick on select maps.

Fade VFX

  • Nightfall (X) –  You should now see a decreased amount of flickering textures on diagonal walls when casting Fade’s ultimate. Also added VFX for additional clarity and visual impact.
  • Seize (Q) – VFX change to the orb for a more dynamic presentation in 1p and Agent select

Since the introduction of Fade, some have complained about the overwhelming effects while casting her abilities, especially the ultimate, Nightfall. These changes should make Fade’s visual effects less overwhelming and more pleasant to the eye.

Competitive/Esports features

  • Party Lead Transfer — You can now change the lead of your party.
    • Current party leader can right-click the player name they want to transfer the responsibility to and choose “Make Leader” in the drop-down menu.
  • A number of small tweaks and updates made to the UI.
  • Added Observer ability to toggle Scoreboard on/off.


Agent bugs

  • Fixed a bug where Jett’s Tailwind would sometimes fail to cast when used immediately after curving a Cloudburst smoke.
  • Fixed a bug where Jett’s ultimate indicator would sometimes stay active after firing all kunai.

Gameplay bugs

  • Fixed an issue where an unintended ‘use’ input could happen after abilities such as Skye’s Trailblazer or Sova’s Owl Drone is activated while using the ‘use’ key.

You can find the official patch 4.09 notes when they go live on the official Riot Games VALORANT website.

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