Valorant developers working on an Operator rework, possibly a nerf

Valorant developers working on an Operator rework, possibly a nerf

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski

9/16/2020, 7:14:51 PM

The latest patch for Valorant, patch 1.08, mainly saw a rework to Raze’s kit, as well as a buff for the Guardian. However, Riot Games developers also mentioned a very important rework that they are currently working on and exploring. Namely, a possible nerf for the Operator sniper rifle.

Operator to finally get a Nerf?

A large chunk of the Valorant community have been asking for a nerf for the premier weapon, the Operator, in Valorant. The Operator (or the OP) is a one-shot kill gun to the whole upper body. In the right hands (and when combined with Jett) it’s an absolutely deadly weapon to possess. Moreover, limited utility in the form of smokes makes it even more deadly, as it is that much more difficult to counter it. We’ve seen Team Liquid whip out a questionable smoke-less setup at the recent BLAST Twitch Invitational. Instead, they opted for a full-flash setup consisting of Breach, Phoenix and Reyna. They failed to defeat FunPlus Phoenix twice with this philosophy, however.

OP players may have something to fear, as Riot developers are planning on nerfing the rifle somehow. Despite not being straightforward with the term “nerf”, the rework will most likely involve the rifle to be somehow less powerful. The patch notes blog post included the following note:

While these major Agent changes settle, we have turned our eye on a more pressing issue: the Operator. We know that this weapon can feel very oppressive to play against, often leaving players feeling like there is no hope when attacking. We agree that the Operator is likely having an outsized impact on match outcomes and are testing a suite of changes to address this issue.

For how important the Operator is to the game, we want to make sure we are making the right call, so we’re giving these changes a bit more time to soak internally to make sure we get them just right.

Basing off of what Max “Orcane” Grossman, the Lead Agent Designer had to say, the dev team is making sure that they get the changes “just right”. The Operator is one of the key weapons in Valorant. Nerfing it too much, or doing the wrong changes, may cause an outcry in the community. However, we may be receiving the new OP in the next patch, 1.09.

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