Valorant Agent guide: How to play as the speedster Jett

Valorant Agent guide: How to play as the speedster Jett


5/15/2020, 5:19:00 PM

Valorant Agent Jett is the first choice for all players with an active play-style that prefer close combat and action. Unlike other agents, this Agent specializes in mobility and assassinations. Her abilities aren’t made to support teammates but to support her own movement and mobility instead. She is great in 1v1 duels and can quickly escape if there are multiple enemies around. That’s why this agent is perfect if you play as an entry fragger or you just want to opt-in for a solo queue.

Going Over Valorant Agent Jett’s Abilities

Jett is considered to be one of the “OP” Agents due to the fact that she has one extra ability. Besides two basic, one signature, and one ultimate ability, Jett also has a passive ability that can be really useful in movement and prevent her to take damage from free fall.

  • Passive Ability: Glide | Cost: Free | Charges; Infinite
  • Basic Ability #1: Cloudburst | Cost: 100 | Charges: 3
  • Basic Ability #2: Updraft| Cost: 100 | Charges: 1
  • Signature Ability: Tail Wind | Cost: Free | Charges: 1 (free recharge after 2 kills)
  • Ultimate Ability: Blade Storm| Cost: 7 Points | Charges: 1 (free recharge after each kill)


Her passive can be a very powerful tool if used properly. It basically gives her the ability to glide through the air. While holding the jump button, Jett will glide in any direction you’re facing. This ability can be used to get into previously unreachable positions, move faster, and surprise your enemies. It is also useful to prevent damage from free falling.


Valorant Agent jett cloudburst

Instantly throw your projectile that expands into a brief vision-blocking cloud on impact with a surface.
Hold the ability key to curve the smoke in the direction of your crosshair.

Cloudburst is an ability used for map control. It is actually a cloud that blocks vision and looks a lot like smoke. Although the duration of this cloud is not too long, it can be used in multiple situations. You can use it as an attacker to get out of dangerous positions or to safely plant the spike. If you are playing as a defender, use it to block enemy rushes and enable teammates to rotate. You can also curve the Cloudburst in any direction you want. How you do this is detailed in a previous guide as well as our new YouTube video.


Valorant agent jett updraft

Instantly propel Jett high into the air.

Updraft is a movement ability used to jump high into the air. It can be used for faster climbing, getting on boxes, or to ambush enemies hiding behind walls. This ability can also be used in combination with Jett’s Signature and Ultimate ability. There are countless possibilities, just try to be creative and unpredictable with it.


valorant tailwind

Instantly propel Jett in the direction she is moving. If Jett is standing still, she will propel forward.

Another powerful movement ability that is completely free. You will get 1 Tailwind charge at the beginning of each round. It is also possible to recharge it during the round with two kills. The main purpose of this ability is to increase your movement speed. You can use it while attacking to get behind corners, surprise your enemies, or just to get somewhere faster. If you are a defender, it can be used for faster rotations or to get out of dangerous situations.

Blade Storm

jett bladestorm

Equip a set of highly accurate throwing knives that recharge on killing an opponent.
Fire to throw a single knife at your target.
Alternate fire to throw all remaining daggers at your target.

The Ultimate Ability of Valorant agent Jett is Blade Storm. This ability will equip you with a set of throwing knives that deal high damage. The best of all, those knives do not have recoil and you can throw them while moving. This ability can be used in combination with Updraft, even if you are high in the air, and you will still remain 100% precise due to no recoil. It can also be used with Tailwind to get close to the enemies and throw multiple knives on them at once. Throw single knives at long-distance fights and multiple knives in close combat. This ability will recharge after each kill.

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