TSM bench drone after team’s disappointing VCT NA performance

TSM bench drone after team’s disappointing VCT NA performance

Gabriel Ionica

7/5/2021, 8:35:11 PM

Taylor “drone” Johnson has officially been benched from TSM’s starting roster. The organization is reportedly trialing players in an effort to find a fifth player before the VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers 2 Qualifier.

Drone was one of TSM’s original players since he played for the mouseSpaz roster they picked up back in May of 2020. The first player from that initial roster to hit the bench was Stephen “reltuC” Cutler, who is still orgless to this day.

After losing Braxton “brax” Pierce to T1 on June 25, the organization signed Sean “bang” Bezerra, a North American player with experience playing for Phoenix1, Team Serenity, and OTW Esports, on June 29. The move prompted many to speculate that they would have to bench a player, with some sources hinting towards drone. Turns out they were more than just speculations.

TSM most recently participated in the VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers 1 Qualifier where Noble quickly eliminated them in the Round of 32. It’s likely that this early elimination helped prompt TSM to make some changes to their roster. This disappointing result is also part of a chain of losses that TSM has experienced since the introduction of VCT as they failed to make it to Masters in neither Stage 1 nor Stage 2. Perhaps a refreshed roster is all they need to make it to this season’s Masters stage.

The TSM roster is currently as follows:

  • James “hazed” Cobb
  • Matthew “Wardell” Yu
  • Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik
  • Sean “bang” Bezerra

We’ll keep you posted on who TSM’s fifth player ends up being and how they continue to perform in VCT NA. Tune in to Run it Back and check out all of our latest news, extensive guides, and exclusive interviews in the world of Valorant. And remember to join our Discord to enter competitions and win prizes!


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