Top teams that did not make the NA Challengers 1 RO16

Top teams that did not make the NA Challengers 1 RO16

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

7/3/2021, 3:29:35 PM

It is time to start recognizing that VALORANT is packed with an insane amount of talented teams. Some called it chaos. Some called it upsets. Others called it random. The truth is, there are players that have been grinding this game from the moment “Project A” was officially dubbed VALORANT and given a beta. It was only a matter of time before those players got together and started toppling the so-called giants of NA VALORANT. The VCT Stage 3: Challengers 1 Qualifier was more than enough proof. Many that believed to be the top teams in the region did not make it to the Challengers 1 RO16. Not because they were upset, but because NA VALORANT is stacked.

Top teams that did not make the NA Challengers 1 RO16


Renegades not making the Challengers 1 RO16 is not a huge shock, but they were definitely one of Run It Back’s teams to watch as Stage 3 began. They are widely considered one of the toughest challenges in all of NA, holding down the fort in the Pittsburgh Knights and Nerd Street Gamers tournaments. A familiar foe was their undoing here as Soniqs edged out the win in two extremely close maps. One of them ended 16:14, just showing how formidable both of the teams are.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan made the decision to send Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen over to Team Envy while adding Hunter â€œBabyJ” Schline to their roster. No one is saying that is the reason they lost, because DarkZero Esports is a strong opponent. The organization entered VALORANT after signing the Kooky Koalas and their first official tournament as DZ could not have started better. FaZe Clan demolished them in the second map, but DZ edged out the first and third to force an early FaZe exit.


TSM, now known as TSM FTX, have been out of the NA spotlight for some time. They made a few roster moves and were looking to take back the throne they once sat upon. Noble Esports had different plans, however. The team revealed their new VALORANT roster and it seems the signing has paid off. While a large victory in map two appeared to be TSM flipping the script, Noble slapped down the reverse UNO card. They demolished TSM in map three and the series was theirs. That sent TSM out in the Round of 32 with Noble having to take on 100 Thieves.


NRG is another team many thought would be a shoe in for the Challengers 1 RO16 and even the Main Event. VIRTUOSO, one of the premier unsigned teams in North America, gave them a 2-0 ticket back to the drawing board. This free agent team is sure to turn some heads and receive some DMs once the Qualifier is over with. Up next they take on the Kansas City Pioneers while NRG are left to wait for Challengers 2.


Speaking of the Pioneers, they moved onto the Challengers 1 RO16 after besting Immortals. Immortals has been near the top of NA VALORANT since they entered the scene. They are always a scary team to go up against, no matter how confident or solid a squad may seem. KCP showed no fear, though, in their Round of 32 bout. Following the trend of these qualifying rounds, KCP took the first map, only for the titan team to take the second. It would come down to a map three on Bind and KCP showed Immortals the door.

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Brandon "Mothman" Moore

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