The Run It Back community makes their predictions for Champions

The Run It Back community makes their predictions for Champions

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

11/30/2021, 5:31:58 PM

The Run It Back Discord is the place to be these days. With Champions approaching, we have been discussing all sorts of wild outcomes and hot takes. That got us thinking. What does our community expect from the biggest event in VALORANT esports history? We asked them to give their predictions for Champions and they did not disappoint.

*Note: Some quotes may be altered or edited for clarity, fluidity, or grammar.

The Run It Back community makes their predictions for Champions

First, we’ll start with one of our most active community members, Boat. To say Boat was excited when we asked for predictions would be the understatement of the century. Here is everything Boat had to say when it comes to Champions and how things will play out.

“Envy choke. Vivo make it. I have no faith in Envy after losing Michael “Mikes” Hockom , not gonna lie. Just giving context. Vivo Keyd’s addition of Leonardo mwzera” Serrati (even if he does play Sova rather than Raze, as it looks like he will) gives them so much firepower to an already solid system. That gives me confidence that they can out-perform Envy and qualify out of groups. I just think Keyd Stars are in better form to take it with Olavo “heat” Marcelo and mwzera together.”

“The form of Acend in the last few weeks has really made me think they’ve gotten over some jitters and will be a top team in Berlin.”

“Vision Strikers, with a longer tenured roster and more VALORANT LAN experience, will outperform C9 Blue to qualify out of groups. I’d love to see a surprise performance from FNATIC to upset C9, but I haven’t seen enough from them lately to think they can outperform Cloud9 or VS. I truly don’t think FNATIC stand a chance. They haven’t been in form for a bit. For me, it’s between FULL SENSE and C9. I have C9, but FS is completely reasonable.”

“Team Liquid are, in my opinion, the favorites to win the event as they’re peaking at the right time. They look extremely fluid, their double Operator prowess will be extremely hard to punish, and they have a large map pool that favors them against most teams.”

– Boat, Run It Back Community Member

He undoubtedly had the most the say. Now, moving onto another community member. The user oblivion335 chimed in after Boat got the party started with a couple of predictions.

“I believe that KRÜ Esports could make a surprise run, but given their difficult group it will be very hard. An upset to Sentinels or Team Liquid Liquid is definitely on the table.”

“In the last group, it is very possible for VS to not make it. C9 is locked to pass, in my opinion, and FNATIC vs. VS is going to be a brawl to make it out.”

– oblivion335, Run It Back Community Member

Up next we have a user by the name of Domenit. Domenit had some solid takes to share for this piece.

“Envy skill diff Vivo.”

“Sentinels win or lose a 2-1 series against Team Liquid. It depends on the maps.”

“Vision Strikers unfortunately lose, unless they have found a way to scrim better teams in this down period. I feel like C9 is just too puggy for them to read and FNATIC just barely win because Jake “Boaster” Howlett actually knows what they’re going to do. FNATIC and VS in lowers. FNATIC takes it in a crazy OT. I’m on FNATIC copium, though. Honestly, I think they are hiding a lot, but we don’t know if it will work.”

“Obviously, Gambit makes it out of their group with Crazy Raccoon.”

– Domenit, Run It Back Community Member

Following that, we have a few predictions for who makes it to the Grand Final and takes it all. The first is from a community member named Bielzera.

“Vivo Keyd with mwzera gets to Champions finals!”

– Bielzera, Run It Back Community Member

The second comes from our lovely Chief Editor and Head Writer, Naim “EnKay” Rosinski.

“FNATIC’s addition of Martin “Anderzz” Schelasin gets them to finals.”

– Naim “EnKay” Rosinski, Run It Back Chief Editor and Head Writer

Then comes our resident Esports Director and Social Media guru, Charles “pickles” Pickles. We asked the pickle and we got a hot take.

“Hot take, Vikings win it all.”

– Charles “pickles” Pickles, Run It Back Esports Director and Social Media Manager

And last but not least, the very writer of this piece and RIB Community Manager. Brandon “Mothman” Moore comes in the with the most outlandish take of them all. The Run It Back Twitter account asked for predictions on the Champions MVP. Here’s what he had to say.

Who doesn’t love Byeon “Munchkin” Sang-beom and Crazy Raccoon? All jokes aside, though, it was an absolute blast seeing the Run It Back community so engaged with these Champions predictions. The VALORANT Champions Tour of 2021 is coming to an end and it won’t be long before we see if any of these come true.

Join the Discord to take part in the discussion, subscribe to our YouTube for player interviews from the event, and keep your eyes peeled to Run It Back for some awesome Champions coverage. Thanks, everyone!


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