Valorant Guide: 3 Defensive Sova Recon Bolt Lineups for Haven

Valorant Guide: 3 Defensive Sova Recon Bolt Lineups for Haven

Richard Brown

9/23/2020, 12:34:50 PM

This guide will demonstrate three Sova Recon Bolt lineups on Valorant’s map, Haven. These will help you use the powerful ability to its full potential on defense.

Sova’s Recon Bolt ability can be used in many effective ways, and out of Sova’s kit, has the most potential to impact the game. Well placed Recon Bolts can allow your team to make aggressive plays, as well as having the ability to gain valuable information to assist with rotates. It is also a very useful tool for retaking bombsites.

The first lineup in this guide will demonstrate how you can get early information towards the A-lobby area. The second lineup shows you how to use your Recon Bolt to reveal enemy players in Middle and outside of Garage. The third lineup can be used to reveal enemy players pushing up C-long.

Sova’s Recon Bolt Ability:

  • Description“Equip a bow with recon bolt. Fire to send the bolt forward activating upon collision and revealing the location of nearby enemies caught in the line of sight of the bolt. Enemies can destroy this bolt. Hold Fire to extend the range of the projectile. Alternate Fire to add up to two bounces to this arrow.”
  • TypeSignature
  • CostFree

Sova Recon Bolt Lineups: Haven


This lineup will require you to position yourself at the top of the fifth stair on the A-ramp area. From there you will place your crosshair on the light bulb as shown below. Then, set it to zero bounces and charge the shot past the first bar.

This Recon Bolt lineup is a great way to gather information at the start of the round. It will also allow you to peek towards A-lobby and try to get an early pick, as the Recon Bolt reveals the enemy players. You could also use this lineup in the mid-round, as it will provide your team with information if the attacking side decides to move back towards A.

Sova Recon Bolt Lineups Haven - A-LOBBY
A-LOBBY Lineup
A-lobby view
Images via Riot Games


In order to do this lineup you will need to position yourself just outside the doorway of the B-site. From there you will fully charge the shot with the bounces set to two.

Using this lineup in the mid-round is a perfect way to gather information after the enemy team has taken map control of Middle. The Recon Bolt will land outside of the Garage doors, behind where enemy players will most likely be positioned. It won’t reveal enemy players who are very close to the B entrance, so that must be taken into account. In order to use this lineup to its full potential, it needs to be perfectly timed.

Sova Recon Bolt Lineups Haven MID
MID view
Images via Riot Games


To perform this lineup you will need to position yourself up against the back wall of C-site, in line with middle of the window. From there you will charge the shot past the first bar and have bounces set to zero.

The best time to use this Recon Bolt will be right as the enemy team attacks the site, especially if they are doing an execute using smokes. This will allow you to shoot through the smokes as the enemy players are revealed by the Recon Bolt. This can also be used in the mid-round to gather information, providing you with early information if the enemy team decides to move back towards the C-site.

Sova Recon Bolt Lineups Haven - C-long
Sova Recon Bolt Lineups Haven - C-long Lineup
C-long view
Images via Riot Games

For anyone playing Sova as one of their main agents, it’s always good to know as many Recon Bolt lineups as you can. Before you utilize those in a ranked game, it’s definitely worth practicing them once or twice in a private match. This will also help you to remember them when going into a rated matchup.

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