SEA teams at Champions ft. blackenBlue and Ilustrado

SEA teams at Champions ft. blackenBlue and Ilustrado

David "Miles David" Josiah

11/30/2021, 11:02:35 AM

A few months ago, we did several interview pieces asking various VALORANT casters around the globe in the major regions about their thoughts on their teams going into Masters Berlin. This time we wanted to bring attention to the region that seemed to have all but stolen the thunder from Korea during the APAC LCQ. South East Asia, while definitely having its fair share of success in esports history, has never really been a dominant global force in any mainstay esports title.

But now with the rise of VALORANT in the region, perhaps things might change. 

To that end, we asked two VCT SEA Casters, Nico “blackenBlue” Gyaso and Ilustrado, about their thoughts with regards to the SEA region teams coming into Champions. 

Ilustrado and blackenBlue share thoughts on SEA teams at Champions

RIB: What are your general expectations for the SEA teams going into Champions? 

Ilustrado: SEA teams are either super good or super bad. I think they have the capacity to take a lot of teams by surprise and make DEEP runs into the tournament. I feel like they’ll make us proud and do really well by the end of it. 

blackenBlue: We do have to temper our expectations, SEA as a scene has a lot more to prove and refine in the global FPS circuit, but I do think SEA is going to perform a lot better than most people expect. Almost everyone had Korea as the best region in APAC, but the recent LCQ has shown that isn’t necessarily a hard truth. I expect a pretty deep run from SEA teams in Champions.

A top 7 out of 16 finish isn’t entirely out of grasp.

RIB: If you had to pick, which particular player from each SEA team do you think will stand out the most with regards to impact and performance? 

Ilustrado: I think Dubstep and Patiphan are going to be massive. John Olsen as well and PTC if they can go into playoff mode early. 

blackenBlue: From Team Secret: DubsteP, he has been one of the most explosive players in SEA for a while now, even before VALORANT. This guy can surprise even the best duelists in the world, and I’m looking to see exactly that.

From X10: Patiphan, a player that pulled much attention at Iceland, and for good reason. X10 did sorely miss him not actively playing due to injury in the past months, but I fully believe he’s going to comeback full swing at Champions.

From FULL SENSE: PTC. He is one of the most consistent players you will see in APAC, and one of the best at playing that initiator/rifle role. His huge grasp of experience allows him to flex onto so many different roles, and excel at every one of them.

From left to right: Panyawat “Sushiboys” Subsiriroj, Patiphan “Patiphan” Chaiwong, Nutchapon “sScary” Matarat. Credit: Riot Games

RIB: What trait/s do you think separate the SEA teams from the teams of other regions that will be competing at Champions?

Ilustrado: SEA teams are unpredictable and have a lot of talent that they just need to refine. I think one of the best things they have going for them is that they can really keep teams on their toes and force them to play unorthodox. 

blackenBlue: We have some of the most diverse playstyles in our region alone. A team from Thailand would play very differently than a team from the Philippines, for example. It’s very common for teams in SEA to only scrim teams outside of their own respective countries/regions, and this means SEA teams are well versed in playing against a variety of playstyles. 

RIB: Any particular matchups that you’re looking forward to? 

Ilustrado: Honestly all of them. But I really wanna see Vision Strikers vs Secret and also X10 Fnatic would be great too.

blackenBlue: Team Secret vs Sentinels: Dub5teP vs Tenz is something a lot of fans in SEA have been waiting for, and been hyping up. This is a matchup that I think will put a lot of eyes and respect on SEA teams.

Also X10 vs Fnatic, with X10 seeking revenge after being eliminated by Fnatic at Iceland.

Fnatic is returning to the World Stage after failing to reach Masters Berlin. Credit: Riot Games

RIB: Thinking further into the future, do you think VALORANT as an esport will continue to grow in SEA?

Ilustrado: 100%, VALORANT is going to be massive. It’s only the first year and we’re already breaking expectations and milestones. It’s gonna get even bigger over the coming years.

blackenBlue: Definitely. This is already one of the fastest growing esports not just in SEA, but globally. And a huge part of that is the support Riot has given to the SEA region, something the FPS community has been waiting for forever. I’ve never seen this many bootcamps, teams, sponsorships, and support both developer and community side for an FPS in SEA, especially for a global FPS title like VALORANT. VALORANT is the chance SEA has been waiting for, to put its best FPS talent on the world stage.

Thanks again to Ilustrado and blackenBlue for providing us with their insight! If you wanna catch the SEA Teams in action then make sure to catch Champions starting on December 1, 2021! 

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