Sage Wall Boost Map Guide: Bind

Sage Wall Boost Map Guide: Bind

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

7/22/2020, 1:00:33 PM

The Valorant map Bind is known for its teleporters and easy rotation. It is one of the faster-paced maps, seeing hard pushes on either site. Being able to boost and hold specific angles with Sage or assisting a teammate into those positions is crucial for defending a location. Every boost on Bind is best used for the defending side, but some can be used by attackers as a means to protect the planted spike. Much like Split, the amount of wall boosts is not in abundance, but the spots get the job done.

Defender: A Short Barrier

This first one, much like several others on Bind, allows a dual use. Placing a wall behind the two stacked boxes next to the teleporter can give you the perfect boost to spot that initial rush by the attacking side. Not only can you ride the wall up to see over the boxes, you are able to block the enemy team from advancing into or past the teleporter if you need to fall back. As well, the wall prevents any bullets from passing through the boxes when you drop down to reposition.

Attacker and Defender: A-Site Boxes

This boost allows for a view of both entrances to A-Site from the attacker side. It gives the player an unexpected high ground outside of A Tower, or Heaven. From this position, spotting enemies entering from A Bath or A Short is the main goal. It can be used as an attacker while protecting the planted spike, but that situation is rather risky. Be sure to have a teammate keeping an eye on the defender spawn area if you are going to hold down a possible flank from your attacking side.

Attacker and Defender: A-Site Vehicle

This is very similar to the previous wall boost. Instead of hoisting yourself over the boxes, take a quick right and do so over the vehicle next to A Lamps, commonly referred to as U-Haul. This gives a better view of A Bath, but shifting away from the wall of A Lamps allows vision into A Short. Again, if you are attacking and have the spike planted, ensure a teammate is watching the defender spawn area. Another advantage of this boost is the ability to jump onto the car, keeping the position even if the Sage wall disappears.

Defender: B Long

This one bears resemblance to the A Short Barrier wall placement. Entering B Garden and placing the wall under your feet in the right position allows the wall to block any progressing enemies and give you some high ground. The wall will stop the other team in their tracks, preventing access to Garden and the teleporter. Setting the wall at an angle gives you cover behind the Garden entrance in which you can slowly peek and dismantle the other team as they approach and attempt to bypass the barrier wall.

Defender: B Window

Mostly known as Hookah, B Window is a tight space that overlooks the entire B Site. Much like defending B Long, defending Hookah with a barrier wall can give you the element of surprise. If enemy footsteps are heard, quickly placing the wall with yourself underneath sets up a dual purpose barrier. If the enemy team has committed to entering B Window, they will more than likely push up to destroy the wall. Being on top of it will give the perfect position to lay waste to the enemy team members that wrap around through the B Window entrance and assume the Sage has placed a wall and positioned elsewhere.

A quick disclaimer for use of these boosts. Always do what is best for the team as a whole. If the opportunity presents itself to use a boost from this guide to turn the tide of battle, give ’em hell! But don’t sacrifice using the barrier wall appropriately to just try and look cool.

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