Run It Back interviews Munchkin of Crazy Raccoon before Masters Berlin

Run It Back interviews Munchkin of Crazy Raccoon before Masters Berlin

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

9/7/2021, 3:55:22 PM

Crazy Raccoon has taken the VALORANT world by storm. Not just because of the team’s name, but because of their dominant run through the Japan region in 2021. One of the staples of that success has been former Overwatch pro Byeon “Munchkin” Sang-beom. With time spent on Seoul Dynasty, Boston Uprising, and Lucky Future, Munchkin shifted to VALORANT with Cloud9 Korea. In January of 2021, the South Korea-born player joined Crazy Raccoon and has been at the top of VALORANT in Japan ever since.

Crazy Raccoon is headed for Masters Berlin after falling short at Masters Reykjavik. The fact that they have made it to yet another international tournament is a testament to their strength. As they prepare for region on region warfare, Run It Back reached out and was able to get some questions answered by Munchkin through a translator.

Run It Back interviews Munchkin of Crazy Raccoon before Masters Berlin

Run It Back: Was it hard to transition from Overwatch to VALORANT?

Munchkin: No, it was rather easy to play. It was similar to what I did in my previous game (Sudden Attack). It was also easier to hit than Overwatch, so I thought it would be a better game for me.

Run It Back: What are the biggest similarities and differences between the two games?

Munchkin: Rather than the similarities with Overwatch, I think there are similarities in all games, such as how I think about playing the round as an IGL.

Run It Back: Do you feel like the switch to VALORANT has ultimately paid off at this point after seeing your success?

Munchkin: Yes, for me personally, I think I’m proving myself. I mean, after winning twice in Japan, I’m close to making it to the World Championship.

Run It Back: Since Masters Reykjavik, Crazy Raccoon has only lost once, to ZETA Division in the Challengers Playoffs Grand Final. What’s your biggest takeaway from that loss?

Munchkin: It was our first loss since the change of team members, but I think it was a little bit of a loss for the team to find its unity. It was a tough battle that didn’t give us much confidence, but we’re working hard to get it back in the game at Masters Berlin.

Run It Back: Do you feel Japan truly has their two strongest teams headed to Masters Berlin?

Munchkin: Honestly, it’s not as easy at the World Championships. However, I think that VALORANT in Japan is very popular and can be developed further.

Run It Back: Both teams have gone the route of non-traditional roster sizes. How does having more players on a team benefit Crazy Raccoon?

Munchkin: I think it’s better to have more people to complement our shortcomings, so more people will be more beneficial.

Run It Back: It is clear you are one of the starters on the team. Your Skye play is always valuable. What made you decide to drop the Cypher and Raze roles to main Skye?

Munchkin: I can use all the characters, so I’m in charge of the ones that are hard for the team members to play. I’ve worked hard to be able to play around characters like Skye, Raze, Cypher, and others that are difficult for the other team members to play.

Run It Back: Back to Masters Berlin. Crazy Raccoon has quite the tough group. What are you thoughts on those opponents, Gambit Esports, 100 Thieves, and Havan Liberty?

Munchkin: I thought it was not so bad compared to other groups. 100T is a team I’ve wanted to play for a long time. Gambit is a team I’ve been looking forward to seeing since I’ve seen them compete in tournaments a lot recently. So I think this tournament will be a great experience for CR.

Run It Back: Lastly, what is your dream match up at Masters Berlin? Who do you want Crazy Raccoon to take on the most?

Munchkin: I’d love to meet all the teams in NA! I think that NA is the most exciting and the best region in VALORANT at the moment. If I can play against NA teams and win, it would be great for me to grow.

*Some answers may have been slightly edited for clarity.*

Run It Back would like to thank Crazy Raccoon and Munchkin for their time. As Masters Berlin approaches, you can watch the team starting with their first match against Gambit Esports on September 11, 2021. Masters Berlin begins the day prior.

Stay tuned to Run It Back for coverage of Masters Berlin, the remainder of the VALORANT Champions Tour, and so much more!


Brandon "Mothman" Moore

Brandon is a long time gamer with a passion for writing. Combining the two has been a dream come true. He was Run It Back's official correspondent for First Strike NA and looks forward to covering the North American Valorant scene for a long time.