Riot is working on a Valorant anti-smurf system

Riot is working on a Valorant anti-smurf system

Gabriel Ionica

10/22/2020, 10:35:31 PM

Smurfing is an almost inevitable part of ranked multiplayer games. Luckily for the Valorant community, Riot has an anti-smurf plan in the works.

In the latest Ask Valorant post, the devs gave us a few hints about the anti-smurfing system they have in store. The behind-the=scenes system will apply to both Unrated and competitive, affecting Iron to Diamond ranked players.

For ranked players, their individual performance will be tracked and if a player makes a bigger impact in a game than their rank suggests, they will get boosted to harder matches and higher ranks in the following match. Riot did not mention how the system would work for Unrated players.

This system will not be used for Immortal+ players as Riot believes there is not much room for smurfing in those top ranks. In the long run, Riot wants to devise a faster way of placing smurfs into their real ranks. Before that comes to light, they will bring changes to the ranking and leaderboard system.

Valorant Anti-Smurf vs CS:GO Anti Smurf

Compared to CS:GO’s anti-smurf system which aims to eliminate smurfs altogether, this aims to hinder them. If a smurf quickly gets boosted into hard matches, the purpose of that smurf account is gone. They might ruin a few matches before the boost, but that number will be significantly lower than without this system in place.

CS:GO’s system is a bit flawed. It limits Prime matchmaking to accounts with a linked phone number and Rank 25. This makes non-Prime a wasteland of hackers and smurfs. New players are then locked to either this terrible non-Prime matchmaking, or to casual game modes until they reach Rank 25.

What do you think of Riot’s planned Valorant anti-smurf system? Will it works as planned or will it fail? As usual, remember to follow us at Run it Back and join our Discord for all your latest news, extensive guides, and exclusive interviews in the world of Valorant.


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