Red Bull Home Ground #2 Qualifiers – Grand Finals Recap

Red Bull Home Ground #2 Qualifiers – Grand Finals Recap

David "Miles David" Josiah

10/22/2021, 9:04:05 PM

It was an exciting night in the Red Bull Home Ground #2 Qualifiers as both LDN UTD and Ninjas in Pyjamas took to the server in order to fight for the final spot in the main event. The best of three (bo3) ended up going the full distance with 3 games played in total. NIP ended up decisively winning out in the end with a 2-1 scoreline after reverse sweeping their opponents out of contention. One thing to note is that Fracture, the newest map in the VALORANT pool, ended up being the decider between the two teams. 



  • Breeze: LDN UTD win 13:10
  • Bind: NIP win 13:8
  • Fracture: NIP win 13:8

LDN UTD Roster

NIP Roster

With all the introductions out of the way, let’s dive into this recap. 


LDN UTD had a flying start in the first half of the map that ended in a 9:3 score line by the end of it. NIP just couldn’t seem to break through their opponent’s defense. Everything they tried was stopped in its tracks by either Destrian on Sova or Boo on Viper. The mostly Lithuanian stack acted like a brick wall and NIP attempted fakes or rushes didn’t work out. All in all, it was a well played first half from LDN UTD. 

Then things started to fall back into NIP’s favor in the second half. 

The European squad suddenly came alive. NIP won the pistol and the conversion and after that, they grinded round after round. There were some great moments from both Jady and ec1s to keep their chance in the map alive. Slowly but surely, they came back from their huge deficit and were a hair’s breadth away from tying things up. Unfortunately for them, the comeback was not meant to be. LDN UTD ended the map soon after finally stopping their opponents’ momentum in the 20th round.  


On the next map, the tables turned. This time it was NIP that started off strong, despite losing the pistol and the second round. 

While there were some close moments, the Ninjas simply looked like the better team. It took some absolute heroics from Boo for LDN UTD to even win rounds. Meanwhile, on the other side, rhyme went on an absolute tear. No one on either side even got within touching distance of the number of frags that he was able to put on the board. All in all, this map ended up being a very comfortable win for the side of NIP.    


The final map of the day was Fracture, the newest map to the map pool. Again, NIP showed that they were the better team on this one. The trio of ec1s, chiwawa, and rhyme were all on point with regards to both utility and aim. The team had some really good executes as well as moments where they really managed to catch LDN UTD off guard. With the map lending itself to attackers being able to pour in from multiple angles, it definitely looked hard for LDN UTD to hold the line. 

Still the team fought back, but this time it was feqew who led the charge. The player came up clutch with multi-kills and some round winning plays.

However, it just wasn’t enough to catch up to NIP’s lead. The EU stack closed the series rather cleanly on their defensive side with some aggressive pushes that blunted their opponent’s offensive. 


With that series win, NIP have earned the right to compete in the main event of the Red Bull Home Ground #2 Tournament. They will be joining some of the best that the VALORANT EMEA region has to offer. Those teams are:

Although it was a well-earned victory for the NIP squad, the real test is just about to come. Make sure you continue to tune in for our coverage of the Red Bull Home Ground #2! It’s a VALORANT tournament that definitely no one will wanna miss out on.

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