Reactions to Breeze being added to Masters Reykjavík map pool

Reactions to Breeze being added to Masters Reykjavík map pool

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

4/23/2021, 7:21:21 PM

Valorant’s brand new map is the talk of the town. Leaks galore have arrived regarding Breeze. Now, content creators have been given their chance to test out the new map, showcase what it is all about, and analyze every last inch of the Caribbean paradise. That is all fine and dandy, but what shook up the scene is an announcement made by Riot Games through the Valorant Champions Tour Twitter account.

Without taking the Tweet out of context or assuming anything different, it appears that Breeze will be a playable map during Masters Reykjavík. A large handful of professional Valorant players across the world are a bit busy at the moment. They are battling it out to determine who will even have a shot at Iceland. This gives them no time to study the new map as many creators, streamers, and analysts have been given the opportunity to do so.

The Valorant community was quick to react to Breeze being added to the Masters Reykjavík map pool. Run It Back has the goods.

Reactions to Breeze being added to Masters Reykjavík map pool

Needless to say, the majority of reactions weren’t positive. Several high profile members of the Valorant community weren’t too fond of the announcement.

That is just the start of the backlash.

Others were a bit more subtle with their reaction to Breeze debuting during Masters Reykjavík. They settled for calling it interesting or in Nathan “leaf” Orf of Cloud9 Blue’s case, reacted with a simple question mark.

Then there are those not thinking negatively of this announcement. In terms of pro players, the consensus seems to be that they won’t have time to properly prepare. In terms of spectators, however, this announcement isn’t pushing any of the wrong buttons.

There are a lot of “what-ifs” and questions that need an answer after this announcement. Will the backlash cause them to keep Breeze out of the map pool during the first international Valorant LAN tournament? What do more of the professional players think? And what team will master the exploitation of Breeze first in order to dominate during Masters Reykjavík?

Stay tuned to Run It Back as this develops and the Valorant Champions Tour rolls on!


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