Pioneers win $25K VALORANT Elite Showdown in overtime thriller

Pioneers win $25K VALORANT Elite Showdown in overtime thriller

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

11/15/2021, 4:42:25 AM

The VALORANT Elite Showdown presented by Community Gaming was packed with established and rising talent in the scene. The tournament started with an open qualifier for uninvited squads to secure their spot. That was followed by a massive group stage with its 64 teams. Eventually, that number dwindled to 32, then to 16, and finally a top eight was established.

There were some big time rosters taking part in the VALORANT Elite Showdown. Several of them fell in the Group Stage such as VersionX, Gen.G Black, CLG Red, Dignitas, TSM, Shopify Rebellion, Radiance, and Cloud9 White. Even more were toppled prior to the Quarterfinals, like Version1, Soniqs, Immortals, Complexity, and Andbox.

The Quarterfinals hosted Pittsburgh Knights, Evil Geniuses, Teal Seam, SoaR, NRG, Ghost Gaming, Pioneers, and Built by Gamers. By the end of the weekend, Pioneers were crowned the champions.

Here are the results from the Quarterfinals onward, showing you how they did it. Be sure to check out the event page to see the 2D Replay of each match!

VALORANT Elite Showdown Results


  • Pittsburgh Knights 2:0 Evil Geniuses
  • Teal Seam 2:1 SoaR
  • NRG 2:0 Ghost Gaming
  • Pioneers 2:1 Built By Gamers

There was nothing too surprising about the Quarterfinals. Evil Geniuses put up a fight against PK, but they ultimately pulled through in both maps. Teal Seam beating SoaR may seem like an upset, but Teal Seam has taken it to some of the teams in the event before, including Pioneers in the group stage. The new look NRG team held on in one overtime round before winning map two against Ghost Gaming 13:7. Lastly, Pioneers hung on in a close map three to send BBG packing.


  • Pittsburgh Knights 2:1 Teal Seam
  • Pioneers 2:0 NRG

Teal Seam were able to take the Knights’ map pick, Icebox, sandwiched between two tough losses. PK dominated Bind and Teal Seam were only able to improve on that by a small margin when it came to Ascent. That cemented the first team in the Grand Final while knocking an impressive Teal Seam out of the tournament.

At the time, Pioneers defeating NRG was a bit of a shock. NRG was more than ready to prove their current roster is a top tier five stack. In hindsight, Pioneers winning feels like business as usual for them. Pioneers had no problem with Ascent and won a tight overtime contest on Icebox to advance. That would be a precursor of things to come in the VALORANT Elite Showdown.

Grand Final

  • Pioneers 2:1 Pittsburgh Knights

The Grand Final of the VALORANT Elite Showdown did not go the way of many VALORANT events. Instead, it remained a best-of-three series like the rest of the Showdown. That means Pittsburgh Knights and Pioneers had to be on the very top of their game, because it all could end in just two maps.

The series went the distance, however. It started on Haven and Pioneers looked primed to wipe the floor with PK. Only one Knights player was able to put up double digit kills as Noah “jcStani” Smith snagged 21 for his side. Just three days after officially signing with Pioneers, he kicked their Grand Final appearance off with a bang. Pioneers shut down PK 13:2.

The Knights retaliated on Bind. It was the Controller show as Logan “skuba” Jenkins and Ashton “Frosty” Rakoske (Viper and Astra) topped the leaderboard. The latter ended the game with a 53% headshot percentage. While Pioneers pulled ahead in the first half, PK stepped up on their attacking side to end the map 13:10.

The third and final map of the VALORANT Elite Showdown Grand Final took the teams to Ascent. PK won seven straight rounds by elimination, but Pioneers fought hard for eight straight of their own. That pushed them to the second half where it was a battle to see who could reach the finish line first. Well, PK were able to tie things at 12:12 to force overtime.

Ascent saw a quintuple overtime scenario, taking the map to its 34th round before ending. Back and forth the teams went as Brady “thief” Dever fragged out in the hopes of keeping his team alive. He did that and more. Pioneers won a grueling final map 18:16 on their way to becoming the VALORANT Elite Showdown champions.

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