Oxxgen Esports Takes Flight by Winning Birds of Prey Episode 2

Oxxgen Esports Takes Flight by Winning Birds of Prey Episode 2

Lynne "drDelta" Dumeny

9/6/2021, 2:15:16 PM

Episode 2 of The Goose Houseโ€™s Birds of Prey occurred last weekend, September 4-5th.

In Episode 2, we see unsigned teams continuing to make a name for themselves. Project X, winners of Birds of Prey: Episode 1, made it to the semifinals, only to be taken down by Oxxgen Esports (1-2). On the other side of the bracket, Lux Nova defeated ChatBanned in the quarterfinals (2-0). Both are teams who consistently make the quarterfinals or semifinals of these events. Lux Nova then fell to TENSTAR Nova (2-0) in the semifinals. Unlike the NA region with Cloud9 White, it is unclear who is the top women’s team in EU. This is a sign that teams are continuously improving and continuing to fight for the top spot.

Grand Finals: Oxxgen Esports vs. TENSTAR Nova

TENSTAR Nova carried huge expectations for a tournament win, off of the momentum of winning the last two Huntress Trials. It looked like TENSTAR could indeed be the favorites with a decisive pistol win and a 4k start from LiriLia on Haven.

However, it appeared Oxxgen Esports knew what they needed to do to counter TENSTAR Nova. Oxxgen forced up some members beyond pistols even after losing both pistol rounds. Though this is typically risky, the gamble paid off as they were able to win the following two rounds.ย From there, ness equipped the operator, managing to keep a hold of it for eight rounds on the defense. This created quite the barrier slowing down TENSTAR’s pushes on-site and even stopping rotations as well.ย This strategy managed to give Oxxgen Esports the win (13:7) for map 1.ย ย ย ย 

Hoping to fight back on Icebox, TENSTAR Nova was unfortunately unable to string together multiple round wins. Even without the operator, ness was quite difficult to shut down. 

Oxxgen Esports took their first championship win with the series 2-0.

With The Goose Houseโ€™s intent to continue this series, this will provide additional opportunities for these teams to gain competitive experience and much-needed exposure for the unsigned teams. A Game Changers event in EU has been rumored. With the prospect of Game Changers, comes the hope and expectation that more organizations will get involved and these unsigned teams will find a home. 

For more news and on the Birds of Prey and upcoming Game Changers events, stay tuned to Run It Back.


Lynne "drDelta" Dumeny

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