One Way Smokes Map Guide: Haven

One Way Smokes Map Guide: Haven

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

8/1/2020, 3:00:34 PM

A One Way Smoke is an Agent’s smoke, or cage, on an elevated location. This leaves some space between the smoke and the floor. The player is able to view underneath the smoke. Often times, an enemy’s feet or lower body can be spotted as they pass through or behind the smoke. This allows the player to eliminate opponents who have zero clue they are being honed in on.

Split and Bind both deliver areas for One Way Smokes that will truly baffle enemies in Valorant. Haven is no different. It holds location after location for Cypher, Viper, and Omen to unleash One Way Smokes to trick opponents.

Here are the most useful One Way Smokes for Haven.


A Long

Haven is a huge map with three sites to attack or defend. Having a Cypher on the team is a must in order to lock down the several positions that may go undefended. Use this One Way Smoke to protect the ramp up from A Long. Many enemies approach from this location and try to shift into the corner for a better angle. Stand at the top of the ramp and aim the cross in the middle of the wooden plank at the end of the wall. Throw the Cyber Cage and head back to the glass boxes. Once an A Site push is confirmed, trigger the cage. Anyone coming from A Long will be spotted and easily dispatched.

C Short

Known as Garage commonly, C Short allows a rotation from the middle of the map over to the C Site. Defending that with Cypher is a piece of cake. To set up this One Way Smoke, line up with the left side of the doorway. Look above and place the crosshair on the third gray square of the most immediate pane. Throw the Cyber Cage and it will connect and bounce onto the door frame. Backing up past the C Long entrance and triggering the cage will give eyes on the feet of anyone who rotates to C Site from Garage.


Mid Window

Mid Window is a common location for a player with deadly accuracy to approach as an attacker. Therefore, this One Way Smoke needs to be done quickly. Line up to the right of the left most doorway pillar and back up to the B Site structure. Play the distance bar right at the end of the D. Match the crosshair and the arrow up right underneath where the roof line begins. Send Dark Cover and the Smoke will block the vision of any opponent peeking Mid Courtyard. This also can work when protecting a planted spike and anticipating a rotate through the window.

C Long

This is another dual use One Way Smoke. It can be used to defend C Site or protect the site after the spike has been planted. The easiest way to place this smoke is to jump onto the platform. From there, aim for the brass horn on the right rooftop. Right in the middle of the horn and middle of the wooden post is where the crosshair should be placed. The arrow and the crosshair will be in the same spot. Send Dark Cover and watch as the smoke is elevated above the entrance from C Long. Enemies approaching up the ramp are done for.


A Short

This one either needs to be done very quickly as the round starts or once an enemy rotation through A Short is assumed. Head down the ramp to A Short and step just a bit back from the doorway. Look up at the stone plate on the wall. Time this right by jumping and lobbing the device at the same time. It will send the device onto the plate. Moving back up to A Site and activating the Poison Cloud will give a solid view of anyone trying to sneak up to A Site from A Short.

Mid Doors

Holding C Short, also known as Garage, is a crucial part of defending on Haven. The Mid Doors are usually under fire when attackers push for either B Site or C Site. This One Way Smoke will slow that push, if not completely halting it. Stand to the right of Mid Doors against the wooden post. Ensure that the blue line above the door has become barely visible. You can lob or throw the device from here. It will either land or connect with the door frame and fall into position. One the Poison Cloud is initiated, it gives the first look at anyone entering from Mid Doors.

Note: The majority of these One Way Smokes can be placed by more than one of the agents, if not all of them. Additionally, these can be set up before the round has started. That makes getting the proper placement less stressful. The devices of Viper and Cypher can be thrown, but Omen must wait to actually send his Dark Cover until the round begins.

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