Omen Shrouded Step Map Guide: Ascent

Omen Shrouded Step Map Guide: Ascent

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

8/7/2020, 5:06:39 PM

The newest map in the Valorant cycle is Ascent. While not brand new at this point, there is still plenty to learn about the city in the sky. Using Omen brings a lot of risks, but if you play your cards right, there are vast rewards. Much like the other maps, Omen can use the Shrouded Step ability to bounce from wall to corner, from corner to wall, and all other places imaginable that allows an Agent to reach them.

Here are the most effective ways to use Shrouded Step on Ascent.

A Main to Wine

Like several other locations throughout Valorant, this one allows a teleportation across a doorway to a nice hiding place. From A Main, before letting the enemy notice you from A Site, use Shrouded Step to transfer across and down the alley into the Wine area. This allows Omen to take the corner and hold it if anyone tries to push through to attacker side from A Site.

Under A Rafters

Underneath A Rafters, aka Heaven, is a common place for players to hide on Ascent. It could be defending the site or waiting for a defuse attempt to push out and stop it. Transferring across works best if the enemy knows where you are. If they see you move underneath Heaven, place Shrouded Step down on the other side. Teleport across and watch the enemy push in and jump shot a wall as you take them out from behind.

B Back to B Site

Using Shrouded Step here works also works as a defender or attacker. Whether defending the site or defending the spike, use this to fool the enemy that is pushing onto B Site. Focus on the left side when looking out from B Back. If any enemy is pushing from the Defender Spawn side, this is an easy way to make them slam their mouse down. Stay in cover behind the B Back wall and aim the marker behind the left side boxes. Unleash Shrouded Step and move forward. As the enemy rushes B Back to put and end to you, be the one to put an end to them.

B Main to Porch

B Main is often referred to as Ascent’s Garage area. The platform that leads in from from Mid Market is commonly referred to as the Porch. Use Shrouded Step here to sneak in towards B Site. Just make sure there isn’t any enemy hiding behind you when you land the teleport. From B Main, set the marker next to the porch. Move in and get the angle on the boat area and be able to hear if anyone is approaching from Mid Market behind.

Mid Market to Pizzeria

The closed up Pizzeria is a nice little cubby hole to wait out a push through Mid. If the enemy is aware of your presence in Mid Market, catch them completely off guard. From Mid Market, place the Shrouded Step marker on the box in the corner by the Pizzeria. It can also be done just to move across without being seen from Mid Courtyard. Either way, this is sure to throw the opponent for a loop. They’ll never expect the transfer as they peek in on the wrong location.

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