NSG Winter Championship – Luminosity Gaming shocks everyone

NSG Winter Championship – Luminosity Gaming shocks everyone

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

1/18/2021, 2:46:02 AM

The winners of the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship have been crowned. After a grueling three day Group Stage, the playoff bracket was set. The Quarterfinals and Semifinals took place over one day, with the Grand Final and 3rd Place Decider happening the following day. It was an intense tournament and Luminosity Gaming absolutely deserve the victory.

Be sure to check the VODs on the Nerd Street Gamers Twitch channel and alternate channel or read below to see the results and how LG became the Champions.

NSG Winter Championship – pLAYOFF rESULTS


Image via Nerd Street Gamers

Andbox 2:1 Cloud9 Blue

Andbox and Cloud9 Blue truly put on a show during the first map. Split would go to C9B, but Andbox has nothing to be ashamed of with their performance. C9B needs to thank Nathan “leaf” Orf, though, for his 27 kills as Omen. Defense was the strongest side for both teams, but C9B were able to edge out one more round as the attacking team. A close 13:11 was the end score of Split.

Ascent would be the battleground for map two. Ascent seems to be the map that favors the attackers. Andbox proved it with 8 attacking round victories. The same could not be said for Cloud9 Blue, however. Andbox held their ground on defense and took the second map 13:7 with Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker dropping 24 frags as Jett.

Icebox would be the third and final map of this series. Andbox came out swinging with the momentum gained from Ascent. They only allowed 3 rounds to Cloud9 Blue on their defensive half. Moving to the second half, Andbox would just need a handful of rounds to advance. C9B had to pull it together quickly. The Andbox lead was just too much, however, as they finished things off 13:5 and advanced to the Semifinals.

Luminosity Gaming 2:1 NRG

What a match by these two teams. Split saw Luminosity Gaming pull ahead after over an hour of battling it out with NRG. Both teams fragged out to the very end, with LG’s Brady “thief” Dever taking the spot, dropping 33. Both teams would score and even amount of rounds on each side, 7 on defense, 5 on attack. Then it went to overtime, where LG managed to pull it out 16:14.

Map two on Bind was even more competitive. Not a single player had under 20 kills as another overtime approached. Again, even sides occurred, with defense being more dominant at 9 a piece to attacking’s 3. This contest reached a sixth overtime period until NRG managed to even the round count. They would then persevere through the next two rounds and win the map 19:17.

Haven would be the culmination of nearly three hours of warfare between LG and NRG. Alex “aproto” Protopapas would step it up and help lead his team to victory with some amazing Cypher plays. LG would take the lead as the attackers and never look back. NRG also put up some rounds as the aggressors, but it was not enough to keep LG from winning 13:8 and advancing to the NSG Winter Championship Semifinals.

Sentinels 2:0 Team Envy

Two of North America’s powerhouse Valorant squads battled it out. This was one of the most anticipated contests of the playoff bracket. Sentinels started off by refusing any sort of even match up. It was Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan on Icebox, popping off as Jett like he did all event long. Sentinels would dominate as the attackers and simply need five straight rounds on defense to end it. The final round count was as shocking, 13:4.

The second map of the series was Ascent. Team Envy did not want to allow the same beating that took place a map prior. As the attackers, they started off with a great game plan. The first half would end in their favor at 9:3. NV just about returned the beating, but SEN gained one more map on Ascent than NV did on Icebox. That doesn’t quite matter, though, as Team Envy got to 13 first, ending it 13:5.

Split came out to be the decider map. In true NV vs. SEN fashion, the first half ended completely even at 6:6. Sentinels would start their defensive half on the right foot. 9 rounds in a row went in their favor before Team Envy would start to fight back. Victor “food” Wong seemingly carried NV on his back as Omen, keeping the team neck and neck with Sentinels. It wasn’t enough, however, as Sentinels would defeat Team Envy 13:11.

Equinox Esports 2:0 Built By Gamers

Equinox came into their match up with Built By Gamers, intent on a dominating victory. Map one, Ascent, proved whatever strategy they had was paying off. Just as he has all event long, Ian “tex” Botsch stomped on the opposition. NOX only dropped three rounds as the attackers and finished it off in the second half, winning 13:6.

Bind was close, but not close enough to make a difference. tex showed off here again with another 26 kills to his name. The first half would end with NOX up by one round. BBG tried to claw their way back into with it with a string of attacking rounds. Equinox had other plans, however, eventually shutting down BBG’s attempts and advancing with a 13:10 victory.


Image via Nerd Street Gamers

Sentinels 2:0 Andbox

After a tight match up with Team Envy, Sentinels were ready to keep up the momentum. Map one, Icebox, saw Michael “dapr” Gulino and Hunter “SicK” Mims have incredible games to keep SEN on top. The Sentinels attacking plan was too much for Andbox to overcome. Once the first half ended and Sentinels moved to defense, it was all but over. 13:9 was the final score.

Ascent was even more one-sided for Sentinels. This time, SicK had some help from ShahZaM in taking care of business. 10 rounds went to SEN on defense and that was enough to keep Andbox at bay. 3 attacking victories later and it was all said and done. 13:6 gave them the 2:0 and sent them to the Grand Final.

Luminosity Gaming 2:1 Equinox Esports

After defeating NRG, Luminosity still had plenty to prove. Equinox felt the same, however, finally wanting to take their place among the best Valorant teams in NA. Split was an extremely close game as Equinox exited the first half in the lead. The defensive strategies of LG was enough to fend them off, however. LG took Split 13:11.

Ascent was the next map and it was all Equinox. The team would outperform LG on each side of the Spike. A solid overall showing from NOX pushed them ahead with a simple 13:6 win and to force a map three in this NSG Winter Championship Semifinals contest.

Lastly, Haven would decide who advanced. LG decided to show how well they work together as a unit and put together a performance that would bring victory. The first half ended 8:4 with NOX on top as defense. Switching sides saw LG kick it into high gear and shut down NOX. Only one attacking round would go to NOX as LG wrapped it with an incredible 9 rounds, ending it 13:9.

Grand Finals

Image via Nerd Street Gamers

Bronze Final: Andbox 2:1 Equinox Esports

After falling short in the Semifinals, both Andbox and Equinox were sent to the lower bracket in order to battle for 3rd place. Map one was Split and saw Equinox take things 13:7. Even though he isn’t fighting for the championship, tex should be given the MVP of the tournament. He took the Match MVP again as the NOX attack was enough to allow them a strong defensive finish.

Ascent was all Andbox, despite the tough defeat in the map prior. Sebastian “seb” Bucki took charge as Cypher to put Andbox on top. The first two rounds went to NOX on attack, but Andbox held onto every single defensive round after that. Picking up three rounds as the attackers was enough to give Andbox the map 13:6.

Bind would see the same results as Ascent. Andbox went in and cleaned house. Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor would rip off an insane 29 kills in a 13:6 victory. Andbox took the second half by the horns and attacked until they won. Congratulations to their 3rd Place in the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship.

Grand Final: Luminosity Gaming 3:2 Sentinels

Luminosity surprised everyone with their performance here, avoiding a dominate showing from Sentinels. Icebox was a wild experience for both teams. Of course, the first game of Grand Final in this intense event went to overtime. Sentinels took a few rounds on attack, but LG was able to end the first half on top. The same happened on the other side as SEN finished strongly on defense. Overtime went four rounds and LG was the victor at 15:13.

Bind would be another amazing showing by LG. Luminosity won nine straight attacking rounds, setting them up for a quick finish. SEN would take advantage of the attacking side, as well, but LG managed to get more defensive stops. That put them up 13:10 and 2:0 in this championship series.

Split saw things turn around for Sentinels. Jay “sinatraa” Won took control with 25 kills. It was a defensive showing from each team. LG finished the first half in the lead, but Sentinels was rock steady on defense. Another close game ends with Sentinels taking their first map 13:11.

Haven would bring hope for the reverse sweep on the side of Sentinels. The fire was lit under them with the Split victory. As the defensive team, Sentinels took a decent seven rounds. It was as the attackers where they’d shine. They would pull through and defeat LG 13:8.

The Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship would come down to the fifth and final map, Ascent. SEN would start on attack with LG on defense. Things were kept very close with SEN exiting the half 7:5. Swapping sides saw the game stay even until a last minute push toward victory. Luminosity proved that Ascent is an attacker-sided locale and hung on to become your winners of the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship! The final round count was 13:10.

Image via Nerd Street Gamers

As Valorant moves further into 2021 and the Valorant Champions Tour approaches, this could be a sign of things to come. Luminosity Gaming made a statement and will definitely want to keep the momentum going. Congratulations to LG and all of the players that performed out of their minds through the entirety of the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship.

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