NRG Release Wedid from their VALORANT Roster

NRG Release Wedid from their VALORANT Roster

David "Miles David" Josiah

10/28/2021, 1:12:09 PM

Today on October 28, 2021 at 3:36 AM GMT+8, NRG Esports announced the official release of Matthew “Wedid” Suchan from their VALORANT roster. He had been benched a month prior after a four month stint with the team. 

The team failed to qualify for the NA Last Chance Qualifier by not being able to accrue enough circuit points throughout the year. The org’s most recent tournament was the Nerd Street Gamers: Summer Championship where they fell to Cloud9 Blue in the Grand Final. This earned the team second place overall. 

While Wedid was benched a month after that tournament, the rest of the roster has remained intact. 

NRG’s current line-up:

The team, as of yet, have not announced a fifth player for their VALORANT roster or any plans for a possible revamp. 

Meanwhile, for Wedid’s part, he is still under free agency and looking for a team according to his most recent pinned post on Twitter. 

We here at Runitback will continue to cover any updates for either side as most teams, save for the ones who qualified for CHAMPIONS, have already entered the off-season in preparation for the next year of competition. 

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