Neon Relay Bolt guide: entering bombsites on Split

Neon Relay Bolt guide: entering bombsites on Split

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski

1/14/2022, 2:28:43 PM

Agent Neon is here and VALORANT’s fast and frenetic duelist is ready to rumble. If you’re looking to pick up Neon for Episode 4 and are looking for a guide, we’ve found some interesting Relay Bolt entries that will help you make space for your team on Split.

Neon’s Relay Bolt is an excellent ability for entries. Similar to Breach’s Fault Line, the Relay Bolt will stun enemies caught in the field for 3 seconds. This gives plenty of time to use her High Gear and catch those stunned enemies off-guard. The Relay Bolt is especially nifty as an additional bounce can clear more than one location at a time. On top of that, it affects players on the other side of the wall, giving opportunities for very creative setups.

As always, Neon is not a one-man army so she will need aid from her teammates. Given that she has two Relay Bolts, she can stun enemies in a lot of locations. Nevertheless, smokes, flashes, or abilities from an initiator teammate will definitely come in handy.

Makes sure to check out our Relay Bolt guide for Ascent and stay tuned for more VALORANT maps coming in the next couple of days.

Split A site

Rafters + Hell

Split’s A site entry has quite the choke point. Much like the B site, it sometimes is a bit of a hassle to get onto site. Still, utilizing Neon’s Relay Bolt, can come be much of aid. One location that is extremely common for defenders to stay put and await for a push are Rafters and Hell in the left corner (from the attackers’ perspective). When dry peeking, it’s a 50/50 whether the enemy will be on Rafters, or squandered in Hell. This creative Relay Bolt will stun enemies in both locations.

Standard Plant (default) + Back Site (corner)

After clearing Rafters and Hell, it’s time to take care of the actual A site. Given that Screens are smoked off and teammates are pushing with you, stunning the standard plant area and Back Site (corner) is a solid idea. This will definitely help you get the jump on enemies and effectively put pressure on them if they find themselves in one of those two locations.

Standard Plant (default) + TV

This is an alternate for the previous standard plant and corner Relay Bolt. If you feel like it’s more important for you to cover TV (mid site blue box), then this lineup is for you. Defenders playing TV will often hug the box not to be visible when you storm site and then move back and swing when they see it fit. This will stun enemies hiding in standard plant and close to TV. Alternately, it will force them to push further down back site away from TV messing with their positioning and piling on the pressure.

Split B site

Back site Wood

Moving on to Split’s B site, Neon has the perfect kit to enter effectively. The Relay Bolt is perfect for clearing back site Wood area as this is a common spot for defenders. It is also a relatively easy lineup to fire and should hit the corner and most of Wood when fired at most of the gray door. Combine this with Neon’s Fast Lane wall and High Gear speed boost, and you should have an easy kill if someone was stunned in the area.

B site standard (default)

This next Relay Bolt is another very easy one to pull off. Opposing the back site Wood area, is the standard plant area, or default. Both sides are very typical for defenders to swing out from. You can combo this with the previous Relay Bolt and perhaps combine it with the Fast Lane not to be left exposed from either sides.

Left corner boxes

This last Relay Bolt is to stun any enemies hiding behind or on top of the boxes on the very left when you exit from tunnel. As an added bonus, this will also stun anybody hugging Wood. It’s also rather simple. However, sometimes the Relay Bolt that hits the boxes may be touching the left side of tunnels so watch out for teammates or yourself hugging the left side of the exit.

Again, this can be combined with any of the two aforementioned Relay Bolts.

Stay tuned to Run It Back as we will continue this guide series for other VALORANT maps in the coming days!


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