Neon Relay Bolt guide: entering bombsites on Ascent

Neon Relay Bolt guide: entering bombsites on Ascent

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski

1/12/2022, 4:34:46 PM

Agent Neon is here and VALORANT’s fast and frenetic duelist is ready to rumble. If you’re looking to pick up Neon for Episode 4, we’ve found some interesting Relay Bolt entries that will help you make space for your team on Ascent.

Neon’s Relay Bolt is an excellent ability for entries. Similar to Breach’s Fault Line, the Relay Bolt will stun enemies caught in the field for 3 seconds. This gives plenty of time to use her High Gear and catch those stunned enemies off-guard. The Relay Bolt is especially nifty as an additional bounce can clear more than one location at a time. On top of that, it affects players on the other side of the wall, giving opportunities for very creative setups.

As always, Neon is not a one-man army so she will need aid from her teammates. Given that she has two Relay Bolts, she can stun enemies in a lot of locations. Nevertheless, smokes, flashes, or abilities from an initiator teammate will definitely come in handy.

Ascent A site

Tetris + right side Heaven/Hell + Gray Boxes

This lineup clears a lot of the right side of Ascent’s A site. Enemies hiding behind Tetris (middle boxes), right side Heaven and Hell, and on top of and behind Gray Boxes (also known as Bricks) will get stunned. This only leaves the on-site spammable brown Pillar uncleared when we’re talking about the right side. Teammates will have to aid with the left side towards Doors/Generator with a stun or ideally a flash to make way for a solid entry.

Tetris + Pillar

Alternately, if you’re sure nobody can be possibly playing around Bricks or it has been cleared by another teammate, you can instead opt to use the Relay Bolt on the on-site middle boxes and the on-site Pillar. Note that this still leaves you vulnerable to the whole of left side of the entry from Main (or Arch).


Mind you, you’ve got one more Relay Bolt in your arsenal after using it via one-of-the two aforementioned ways. With this lineup you can clear the left and back sides of the Generator. If combined smoothly and well, the two Relay Bolts will be a great tool to stun pesky enemies to try take you down when you make it on site A of Ascent.

Ascent B site


This Relay Bolt setup for Boathouse is a fantastic tool to start the push onto A-site. This will clear the close left side of Boathouse, the back wall close to stairs, as well as anyone hugging the corner of defensive Halls from defender spawn. Given the right smoke positioning and Logs clearance by teammates, Neon can continue her venture onto the site itself via Catwalk.

B Backsite

Enemies on Ascent’s defense may sometimes try to be sneaky and play from B Backsite, hoping to catch the attackers off-guard. Despite the Relay Bolt being able to clear a solid amount of spots at a time, it’s not possible to clear all of Backsite with one shot. Therefore you have two options. Either the right side and middle or the right side and left side (from the attacker’s perspective). Personally, I prefer to clear the right and middle by aiming the Relay Bolt lower. This leaves the left side that can be manually checked with ease alongside teammates.

Stay tuned to Run It Back as we will continue this series for other VALORANT maps in the coming days!


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