Moon Raccoons lose Temperature, Fiend, and aleksandar

Moon Raccoons lose Temperature, Fiend, and aleksandar

Gabriel Ionica

1/17/2021, 12:33:12 AM

It’s a sad day for the Moon Raccoons as three more members have announced their departure: Nolan “Temperature” Pepper, Zander “Fiend” Bates, and Aleksandar “aleksandar” Hinojosa.

Temperature started the chain of tweets, announcing that he will be seeking new opportunities going forward as any agent but Reyna. He expressed his gratitude towards the Moon Raccoons roster and said he does not regret his time spent with the team.

Nine minutes later, Fiend released a shorter tweet, mentioning that he too will be “exploring individual offers as Primary OP, flexible agents.”

Thirteen minutes after Fiend, aleksandar released his Twitlonger, announcing his departure from Moon Raccoons as well. He prefers to play the roles of duelist, initiator, and controllers.

Ryan “ryann” Welsh also announced his departure just five minutes ago at the time of writing this article. Ryann was brought on as a trial on January 11th, like to replace MagnoĀ “Pr0phie”Ā Ramos who left on December 26th to play for Spacestation Gaming.

This leaves Chris “Rebo” Heindel and coach GannonĀ “RaptorZ”Ā Nelson as the last two remaining members of the roster. While RaptorZ just released a few tweets praising the players’ abilities, Rebo‘s tweet hints that he may not leave the team. That said, the sad raccoon on the official Moon Raccoons tweet made us all shed a tear.

We hope that the Moon Raccoons roster is somehow rebuilt. Not only do they have some impressive achievements under their belt, like being the only orgless team at First Strike North America, but we cannot let that amazing org name just die.

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EDIT: After writing this article, Rebo released his own Twitlonger statement. In it, he mentions that the team parted after months of them turning down offers. He also said he and RaptorZ plan on continuing the team, even if Rebo will not be on the roster. For the time being, he is accepting any offers that come his way.


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