Meet Astra, the next Valorant agent with out-of-the world controller abilities

Meet Astra, the next Valorant agent with out-of-the world controller abilities

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski

2/27/2021, 3:43:58 PM

An official gameplay trailer in Russian has surfaced showcasing the next Valorant agent’s abilities. Astra is the name of the newest agent as she seems to bring otherworldly abilities to the table. As confirmed before, Astra is supposed to be Valorant’s next controller. That clearly shows in the gameplay trailer.

Astra Joins the Fight in Valorant

The video shows the newest Valorant agent to have some extremely solid utility in her kit. From the video in Russian we can decipher that Astra can place stuns and smokes by entering an intergalactic view.

The first action at around the 00:20 mark in the video showcases her activate some sort of stun orb that was placed before, effectively stunning the agent trying to defuse the Spike.

Next, we are taken into her galactic view of the map, where she proceeds to place gravitational orbs that pull in enemies as they jump down from Hookah. Also, we can see that there was a smoke placed at B Garden. This smoke matches the color scheme of Astra perfectly, confirming that she is able to throw down smokes when needed.

Lastly, at around the 00:33 mark we see Astra throw down what is probably her ultimate ability, yet again from the galactic view. The ultimate ability seems to act like a penetrable wall that opens up the site for her side, impeding vision for the enemies. We do not know how the rest of the map looks like whilst on the other side of the ultimate. As always, we’ll keep you updated with any updates on Astra, the next Valorant agent to join the competitive battleground.

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Naim "EnKay" Rosinski

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