Masters Reykjavik sees first pair of EU vs NA matchups — Day 2 Recap

Masters Reykjavik sees first pair of EU vs NA matchups — Day 2 Recap

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski

5/26/2021, 12:43:37 AM

Following an exciting Day 1 of Valorant action at Masters Reykjavik, day 2 was even better. For the first time ever we witnessed two matches that pitted European vs. North American Valorant teams. But before the two long-awaited matchups, champions of SEA took on the Brazilian fan-favorite.

Day 2 of Masters Reykjavik saw the following teams fight it out to stay in the upper bracket:

Team Vikings vs. X10 Esports

The first matchup of day two of the Valorant event saw Team Vikings take on X10 Esports. The match saw a 2-0 score emerge despite rather close scores in the very end.


The first map of the day was Icebox, pick of the Thai X10 squad. Vikings kicked things off on attack and right off picked up the pistol and the following round. X10 was quick to retaliate on defense, however, to not fall behind. From then on a back-and-forth matchup emerged, though Vikings did pull ahead to make it 6:2 in their favor. Nevertheless, X10 brought it right back before the half concluded to make it a close 7:5.

On defense, Vikings were yet again more successful in the two opening rounds. Shortly after, a long technical ensued, having us to wait before the match resumed. Nevertheless, the downtime saw X10 and Patiphan “Patiphan” Chaiwong turn up for his side on Jett. X10 put up two rounds to prove they were still in it to win it. Yet another push, pull, contest emerged with neither team being able to pull ahead. After a 3k by Nutchapon “sScary” Matarat, X10 brought it to a 9:10 deficit. The teams traded rounds from then on until Gabriel “sutecas” Dias and co. closed it out before overtime emerged, a 13:11 for the Vikings from Brazil.


While Icebox was a close match, Ascent saw our first overtime of the tourney. Vikings’ map pick kicked off with X10 picking up the first two rounds on defense. X10 piled a nice lead of 4:1 after two great retakes. Vikings were having none of it, however. Multikill rounds ignited by Leandro “frz” Gomes saw the Vikings string three rounds to get back in the game. The teams traded two-by-two rounds from then on until a 3k by Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro closed it out at an even 6:6 at the half.

On defense, Vikings were quick to establish dominance. In fact, Vikings were up 12:8 before X10 decided to mount a comeback. X10 succeeded in that endeavour and forced the first overtime of Masters Reykjavik. There, Vikings denied X10’s dream after stealing the round on attack, followed by a successful retake and defuse.

Team Vikings lived up to the Brazilian hype and won their series against X10 2-0.

Team Liquid vs. Version1

The first EU vs NA matchup was finally here. Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom’s Liquid took on Anthony “vanity” Malaspina’s Version1 in thrilling series that went the distance.


Action took us to Split, map pick of Version1. Liquid were swift to take the first two rounds before V1 took three of their own to return the jab. ScreaM‘s 4k turned it around for Liquid to take two rounds once again. A team ace with an entry from Erik “penny” Penny propelled V1 to get the next two rounds in return. It was then ScreaM and Jamppi‘s turn to get back in the game as they combined for a 5k on round 10. The following two rounds also went in favor of Team Liquid, closing out the half at 7:5 in their favor.

The second half kicked off with Liquid once again taking the pistol. This time around, they bagged the following two rounds to pull way ahead. However, V1 weren’t going down without a fight. A 1v2 clutch and 4k by Loic “effys” Sauvageau saw V1 take the first round on defense. From there, the NA team went on a 7-round streak to pull ahead at 12:10. Liquid finally got back on the horse to get the two rounds necessary to force overtime. A hectic triple overtime ensued. In the end Travis “L1NK” Mendoza’s 3k saw Liquid take the Split after an intense matchup.


Liquid were known for being flawless on Ascent. Version1 went on to spoil their reputation on that map. V1 took the first 5 rounds straight on defense, leaving Liquid in the dust as ScreaM struggled to find his mojo. However, Liquid finally recuperated to string 5 rounds straight themselves and get back into contention. V1 was the team that had the last say in the half as two great Spike defuses saw the half go in their favor at 7:5.

On defense then, Liquid put together three straight rounds after well-executed site retakes, finally pulling ahead. It was Version1, however, that went on a long streak to get into the driver’s seat. Five straight rounds saw V1 come close to victory, at 12:8. Liquid wanted badly to close it out on their map, as they pulled back three rounds as we were heading for overtime. Somehow, that didn’t happen. After V1 took the A site, effys‘ Shock Darts were perfectly timed to deny the defuse from Liquid. The play that brought V1 victory and force the third map in the best-of-three.


The decider map came out to be Haven. Everyone was expecting another tight matchup. Instead, we got the nail in the coffin for Liquid.

V1 started their journey to victory on attack. After Liquid picked up the pistol, V1 put together 4 straight rounds. ScreaM and L1NK put up the second round on the board for Liquid on round 6. That was all she wrote for Liquid, as it was all V1 throughout the remainder of the half, leading to a crushing 10:2 score at halftime.

By then, Liquid were crumbling. ScreaM and co. managed to win the pistol and the following round nevertheless. Yet, that would be the beginning of their demise. V1 went on a hyper run to destroy Liquid. A 4k 1v2 clutch by Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro brought V1 to match point. penny‘s 3k defuse was that nail in the coffin as Version1 proved the haters wrong by defeating Team Liquid on Haven 13:4 and taking the series in a nail-biting 2-1 victory.

Fnatic vs. Sentinels

The final matchup of day 2 of Masters Reykjavik saw the second EU vs NA matchup as Fnatic took on Sentinels.


Icebox was the first map of this long-awaited matchup. After round trades Fnatic pulled ahead on attack after stringing three rounds straight to make it 4:2 in their favor. Shahzeb “ShahZam” Khan woke his team up with a 4k on Jett, leading to SEN taking three for themselves in return. ShahZaM‘s 3k on round 10 was denied by Jake “Boaster” Howlett’s side, which led to Fnatic putting two together. The half ended with an equal 6:6.

The second half saw Sentinels come out with a bang on the attack. A 1v1 clutch by Jared “zombs” Gitlin on the pistol led to Sentinels taking five straight rounds. Fnatic were not giving up, however. Fnatic went on a five-round streak themselves to pull it all back. SEN, nevertheless, took the last two rounds to give them the win in the end, making it 13:11.


Haven saw more of the same; a tight matchup from start to finish. Sentinels saw the first half on defense become their home. Tyson “TenZ” Ngo truly shined on the Jett as Sentinels went on to finish off the half with a nice lead of 8:4. Fnatic had to mount a comeback on their own defensive side or both EU teams would see themselves in the lower bracket of Masters Reykjavik.

Fnatic started off on the right foot. The pistol and the following round went their way. A 3k from Hunter “SicK” Mims disrupted that plan for one round before Fnatic took yet another two rounds to inch closer in hectic manner as the matchup saw crazy plays throughout. That was when things got real dicey. Both sides kept trading rounds, not being able to pull ahead. Finally, on the back of a 4k from dapr, SEN reached map and game point. It was when an overall team effort brought the team to victory, closing it out in close, but stylish fashion at 13:10 on Haven.

Sentinels knocked out Fnatic to the lower bracket after a clean 2-0 victory. Both EU teams have ended up in the lower bracket of Masters Reykjavik while NA teams battle on in the upper bracket of the event.

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