Masters Berlin: Group Stage Day 5 Recap

Masters Berlin: Group Stage Day 5 Recap

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

9/14/2021, 8:18:23 PM

The group stage of Masters Berlin continues to impress. Day 5 looked to be a cool down from the previous two days of high profile matches. That wasn’t the case whatsoever. Each series included some insane plays and tactical VALORANT. The first set of elimination games took place along with another series in the double round robin format of Group D. JP and BR were fighting for their lives with Vivo Keyd against ZETA DIVISION and Crazy Raccoon against Havan Liberty. Another F4Q and G2 Esports banger was on the schedule, as well.

Read ahead for the full recap of Masters Berlin Day 5 and be sure to catch up on the previous days!

F4Q vs. G2 Esports


Bind was the first map of the day. G2 wasted no time in pressuring F4Q as the attacking squad. Zygimantas “nukkye” Chmieliauskas and Kim “Efina” Nak-yeon snagged three for their team, but both fell and it came down to a 1v1. Jeong “Esperanza” Jin-cheol won that engagement against Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas Colocho to put F4Q on the board. Huge plays on each side continued through the first half. This included nukkye fragging even further. It was G2 who took advantage of their big plays.

The second half began with G2 leading 9:3. The pistol round saw G2 keep up their offensive aggression on the defensive side of things. That win set them up to take the following. F4Q looked to get their first round after halftime, but mixwell helped his team survive and reach map point with a 3K. The final round of the game saw G2 push through the teleporter and flank behind A Site. F4Q was taken out quickly and G2 won Bind 13:3.


G2 picked up right where they left off. The pistol round was very close, but the Spike detonated and G2 scored first. F4Q got a round early and managed to keep things close. G2 maintained a small lead, though, as Cista “keloqz” Wassim took the fight to his opponents. All day long, G2 has been putting up Flawless rounds to shut down F4Q. Whenever the Korean team would show signs of life, the team from EMEA drained that life out of them. Halftime approached with another 9:3 score line.

The first round of the half put G2 Esports to double digits. G2 Esports was rolling to another victory over F4Q at Masters Berlin. Big plays by nukkye and keloqz looked to decimate the economy and hopes of F4Q. The Korean side wasn’t down and out just yet, though. Chae “Bunny” Joon-hyuk with his Satchels and Judge pushed the sites and wreaked havoc to give F4Q a few more rounds. Auni “AvovA” Chahade eventually shut that down to bring G2 to series point. A 13:6 victory shortly followed and G2 secured a spot in the playoffs with a 2:0 series win over F4Q.

Relive the series round by round with Run It Back’s 2D Replay!



The second appearance of Breeze kicked off the first of two BR vs. JP elimination games during Masters Berlin Day 5. A 3K by Jonathan “JhoW” Glória put Vivo Keyd ahead first. Without a single ZETA DIVISION player near A, VK waltzed into to plant, set up for the post-plant, and took an easy second round. Three nasty kills by Ryu “Reita” Oshiro came in to get ZETA on the board. A Flawless round with a 3K by Olavo “heat” Marcelo was the retaliation.

ZETA DIVISION only managed one more round in the half as Vivo Keyd approached halftime with a 9:3 lead. An absolutely disgusting Ace with a Marshal by heat put VK one round away from map point. Three more kills by heat with the Blade Storm made that map point a reality. Just as he started Breeze, JhoW ended it with a 3K as his VK picked up the first map 13:3.


Split saw ZETA rotate in their Brimstone expert, Ryo “barce” Takebayashi. That didn’t matter much to Vivo Keyd as they continued mowing down ZETA. The defense of VK was a brick wall to start the map with heat racking up kills left and right. Koji “Laz” Ushida played extremely smart to keep ZETA from falling too far behind early. An explosive Showstopper came from Murillo “murizzz” Tuchtenhagen to net three while Laz snagged three of his own in a wild round that saw VK edge it out to extend their lead.

Nothing could stop heat as he ended the first half with 20 kills and a 10:2 VK lead. Gabriel “v1xen” Martins stepped up and won the pistol round for Vivo Keyd. Although Laz continued to show up for ZETA with a 3K Judge round, the deficit was way too much for ZETA DIVISION to overcome. Vivo Keyd made it to map point and looked to end the series. A push through mid to A Site overwhelmed ZETA and ended Split 13:4. That victory by Vivo Keyd officially eliminated ZETA Division from Masters Berlin.

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Crazy Raccoon vs. Havan Liberty


Crazy Raccoon started off strong against Havan Liberty on Haven. HL were quick to respond, however, as Gustavo “krain” Melara and Marcelo “pleets” Leite helped tie it up early on. Neither team took a massive lead as the rounds remained even. The likes of Matsuda “neth” Yusuke and Byeon “Munchkin” Sang-beom made great plays for Crazy Raccoon to finally put an end to the back and forth. A 7:5 first half ended with CR on top.

A couple of close rounds started the second half, but Crazy Raccoon came out as the victor. Nothing stopped them from making it to double digits. A 3K from Munchkin shut down a good round by Havan Liberty extending the lead even further. Map point quickly followed as CR remorselessly pushed A Site. Despite Havan Liberty gaining a few rounds, Crazy Raccoon finished Haven 13:9.


A wild clutch by neth gave Crazy Raccoon the pistol round on Split. A Flawless round came after that. Things started to slow down after the first two rounds, benefitting Havan Liberty for one round. A big 3K by An “Medusa” Min-cheol ensured no momentum for HL. Havan Liberty did show signs of life as a Judge Ace came from Gabriel “shion” Vilela. CR once again did not allow HL to get on a streak of any kind. Split’s opening half went heavily in CR’s favor 9:3.

Crazy Raccoon held down B to take the pistol round and reach 10 right after halftime. Havan Liberty tried to be aggressive on their attacking side, but CR was ready for it. That aggression was met with planted feet as Crazy Raccoon inched closer to a 2:0 series win. Havan Liberty managed to get their fourth round of the map, but it would take a lot to catch up at this point. A would be clutch by neth was not meant to be as the Spike detonated, keeping HL alive for the time being. A massive comeback attempt was thwarted as Crazy Raccoon took Split 13:8.

Relive the series round by round with Run It Back’s 2D Replay!

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