huynh and Shawn of Gen.G speak with Run It Back after being sent to the Lower Bracket

huynh and Shawn of Gen.G speak with Run It Back after being sent to the Lower Bracket

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

3/12/2021, 6:00:00 PM

Team Envy prevailed in the North American Stage 1 Masters tournament over Gen.G in a tightly contested three map series. Gen.G put up quite the fight as the lowest seed taking on the top seed. Run It Back spoke with Danny “huynh” Huynh and Shawn “Shawn” O’Riley of Gen.G after the match completed. Neither of them seemed down and out after the loss, showing great poise as the Lower Bracket awaits.

huynh and Shawn of Gen.G speak with Run It Back after being sent to the Lower Bracket


Run It Back: The first couple of rounds on Haven went very quick. Was the plan to play aggressive or did that sort of happen on the spot?

huynh: gMd is our caller. He just felt that going fast would catch them off guard. We tried a lot of things. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. We were trying to surprise them, I guess.

Run It Back: Shortly into the second half, a tactical pause was called. Are you able to share what kind of conversation went on during that pause as Team Envy started to take the lead?

huynh: We were just trying to keep the comms up. We were feeling kind of low. We also mentioned that they were trying to split Garage a lot. So, we were trying to counter that. We wanted to make sure they didn’t have garage for free. We tried to do that, but then they started going B or A. It was kind of a rough half for us. It didn’t go our way.

Run It Back: We’ve seen Icebox as a part of the map pool for some time now. As a map Gen.G performed well on, do you feel it has added to Valorant in any way? Is it a map that you feel can make a difference?

huynh: I think so, yeah. Icebox can be a very cheesy map. A lot of teams play Viper or Sage. They try to plant the bomb and have that post plant. They have a lot of mollies and utilities to stop the bomb defuse. The map is still new. I feel there are a lot of possibilities and a lot of team comps that could work. You can always find new stuff on that map. I feel that a team who is very prepared for that map can just pick it and get a map off of the other team no matter what.

Run It Back: Your team had quite the lead on Icebox. Envy were able to string some rounds together. Was there any worry of a comeback or did the team remain confident with the lead in place?

huynh: We were very confident. I kept telling the guys that we have 12 rounds. They were playing every round like that were going to lose the map. We were in a very good spot. We just kept playing confident and we closed it out.

Run It Back: On Bind you played Sage. Do you feel that it is a big shift from your normal Jett selection to the Sentinel role of Sage?

huynh: It is a big role change. I was the one to propose it, though. We have scrimmed Bind in the past week and it has been on and off. Sometimes we own teams. Sometimes we get owned. I felt that maybe going back to Sage would surprise the other team. I know our Sage on Bind was good when we were running that comp. We had to fix a few things, but we literally decided yesterday (Wednesday) that I was going to play Sage on that map. I feel like it went well. We should’ve won Bind. We got eco’d and should have won a couple tight rounds. They should have gone our way. We just made some crucial mistakes.

Run It Back: A tight loss against Team Envy is better than some teams can say. What do you and the team plan to do to stay alive in the tournament in the Lower Bracket?

huynh: We just showed that the top seed is nothing to be scared of. We have been playing well against them in scrims. There’s nothing to be scared of. We’ll be confident going into the Lower Bracket. People should be scared of us after seeing how close of a game it was. Everyone that watched the game knows that we could have won that BO3. In our hearts, we should have won. We’re going to come with confidence to the Lower Bracket no matter who we play. We’re ready to get some points in this Masters event.


Run It Back: Against a squad like Team Envy, did you go into the match with the respect that they are who they are? Or do you kind of put that in the back of your mind and play it like another match against anybody?

Shawn: Honestly, you can’t think about who you are playing. When I play any of these teams, I know my role. It is to entry for my team. I help out as much as I can. You just can’t play different than you would against any other team. You’ve got to treat them all with the same respect. I wasn’t too worried going against Envy.

Run It Back: Haven was going very well at the beginning for Gen.G. Can you comment on what happened for Team Envy to push back and ultimately win the map?

Shawn: We started T side pretty strong. We let our momentum get ahead of us. When we should’ve let things slow down and let the other team panic, we found ourselves doing that. That allowed Envy to get themselves back into the game. It was still a 6:6 half, so going into CT side, we were still pretty comfortable. It was the first map of the day. We were still warming up a bit. They honestly were just abusing C against us. They were doing a lot of Garage splits and a lot of C pops. They ended up winning a few rounds, where if we could’ve gotten one more kill, we would’ve taken it.

Run It Back: We saw you switch from the Duelist role to the Sentinel role. Is there any sort of adjustment period or do you feel confident jumping from one to another?

Shawn: I’m really comfortable with playing Sage. We’ve been playing it for a good bit of time. On T side, I am like a Battle Sage. I’ll look for fights and plant the bomb for my team. I don’t play it like a baiter. On CT side, it is a little different. I’m not with all of the pushes, but I’ll still take some fights. I don’t let who I’m playing impact the way I play, though, if that makes sense.

Run It Back: Its clear that you performed better on Icebox than on Haven. Would you chalk that up to agent selection, the map, game flow, or a mix of it all?

Shawn: Honestly, T side was a little rough, but I didn’t see too many people. The chances I got to entry, we killed everyone and won the round or they’d save a lot of the time. In the rounds where we’d do a fast strat, they just good reactions to them with certain smokes. That makes my job a lot harder. On CT side, I didn’t really get to have an impact. They weren’t purposely avoiding me, but I just didn’t see anyone.

Run It Back: Bind was a very close map. As the #8 Seed in this tournament, Gen.G kept the the series tight against the #1 Seed of Team Envy. Does a tight knit battle like that make you feel good even in defeat?

Shawn: When you lose a third close map like that, it is a bit harsh to the team mentality. We had a lot of chances to win that game against Envy. In other words, we kind of just threw hard against them. We don’t really like to talk about matches like that afterwards as a team. We don’t want there to be any resentfulness based on things that happened during the match. We’ll put it behind us and look forward to the Lower Bracket. I mean, we played against Envy and we easily could have gone 2:1 against them. It’s not something to be ashamed of.

*Questions and answers may have been slightly edited or altered for clarity and fluidity.*

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