How to curve Jett’s Cloudburst in Valorant

How to curve Jett’s Cloudburst in Valorant

Joey Carr

4/29/2020, 7:34:25 PM

One of the most popular Agents within Valorant is the knife-wielding Jett. From the second the Closed Beta opened up, Jett could be seen on a vast majority of the teams in any given Unrated game. The main reason for this is the movement abilities that Jett possesses. From dashing to floating in the air, the speedster can make things extremely difficult for the opposing team. However, there’s one ability that is slept on by most players who use Jett. That ability would be Cloudburst, which puts down a smoke cloud when thrown. Of course, this ability is great for pushing into bombsites and covering a teammate. But what many don’t know is you can actually manipulate this smoke to go anywhere you want.

Bending the cloudburst with jett

As most know, all you need to do to throw the Cloudburst is press the ability keybind. Once pressed, the smoke will travel a set distance to wherever you are currently aiming at. The smoke will stop in its tracks once it hits a surface of any kind.

This in and of itself is fairly useful. You can use it to sneak onto a bombsite or distract an enemy while you flank around them. Though it doesn’t last long, there’s ample time for you and your team to make use of the smoke.

However, many Jett players don’t take full advantage of the Cloudburst. Unbeknownst to some, there is a way you can curve and bend the smoke to land wherever you want. Let’s go over the steps needed to do this.

  • Aim wherever you want the Cloudburst to initially go
  • Press and hold the ability keybind
  • While still holding the keybind, turn your mouse in the direction you want the smoke to go

This will take some practice to understand how the curving mechanics work. Luckily, you can do what we did and hop into Practice Mode. Take a look at our demonstrations on how to curve the Cloudburst below.

As you can see from the videos, there’s a wide range of things you can do with the smoke. If you’re about to turn a corner, you can curve your smoke to cover your entrance. You can also drop the smoke down from over a building or obstacle that’s in your way. Just remember to hold your keybind as long as the smoke is in the air. This will keep the Cloudburst’s speed constant, allowing you to further manipulate it.

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