How to access the in game training tools in Valorant

How to access the in game training tools in Valorant

Anthony S

5/12/2020, 8:31:52 PM

Do you want to train or warm-up before a match in Valorant? Or maybe you just want to try a new Agent or test your skills with a weapon. The best way to do any of the previously mentioned is to go into training mode – that’s a feature implemented by Riot Games in Valorant, which can help you with every possible situation. You can learn how to plant, mess around with your sensitivity, or just get to know other weapons. Though, you’ll first need to know how to get there. So, how can you access the in-game training mode?


Let’s start with how to navigate your way to the training mode, because finding it can be difficult for new players. First, you have to open Valorant and find the “PLAY” button situated in the center top of the screen.

Valorant Training Mode
Image via Riot Games

Then, you will see a little button called Practice at the bottom of screen, beside Start button.

Valorant Training Mode 1
Image via Riot Games

After clicking it, you will be prompted with the below screen. This screen offers four choices for you to pick from depending on what you want to practice. Here are the options to choose from:

  • Open Range
  • Shooting Test
  • Spike Planting
  • Spike Defuse
Valorant Training Mode 3
Image via Riot Games

Open Range

Valorant Open Range
Image via Riot Games

Open Range basically defines itself; in this mode, you have access to everything that’s in Practice Mode. It’s the best way to check and learn new Agents, learn how to move and shoot, to plant/defuse – and more. Also, Open Range is the best way to check other options from practice mode, because you can just walk to them from the various portals.

Shooting Test

Valorant Shooting Test
Image via Riot Games

Do you want to train (or challenge) your aim? Shooting test is the best way to learn how to aim. Additionally, it’s also a great mode to tinker with sensitivity settings. You can change them quickly at the stand; just shoot at the “Decrease” box to decrease your sensitivity setting and correspondingly to increase sensitivity- it’s that simple.

Spike Planting

Valorant Spike Planting
Image via Riot Games

The best way to learn how to plant a spike is to plant a Spike. This mode is fairly straightforward, and it’ll help you with taking over the Bombsite in a standard game with other players. You can do so by fighting with bots on different difficulty levels.

Spike Defuse

Valorant Spike Defuse
Image via Riot Games

You’re the only remaining player on your team in the round, and you have to defuse the Spike before it explodes. Like in Spike Planting, here you can change the difficulty of the bots, buy equipment and skills. Both modes will also allow you to familiarize yourself with the Buy Menu.

How to change Agents in Practice mode?

Valorant Agent Select
Image via Riot Games

Changing Agents in Practice Mode is straightforward, just press F2, and a menu with every Agent will pop-up, and you’ll be able to pick someone else. For now, the training mode is the only place that has every Agent available to play, even if you have not unlocked them in Valorant.

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Anthony S