Hate and Allow join Team Jadeite

Hate and Allow join Team Jadeite

David "Miles David" Josiah

11/24/2021, 7:07:48 PM

On Nov 24, 2021 at 11:45 AM GMT+8, Team Jadeite announced the formation of a new VALORANT roster. They have acquired Korean players Park “allow” Sang-wook formerly of NUTURN Gaming and Lee “Hate” Ye-hun formerly of TNL Esports. 

Hate was a member of the C9 Korea team that played during the early stages of VALORANT pro competition in Korea before the team was disbanded after Riot’s ruling on organizations owning teams in different regions. He then went on to join DAMWON Kia’s starting roster for VCT KR Stage 1 before leaving soon after to join TNL Esports. The team was beaten in both Stage 2 and 3 by Vision Strikers, both times in the playoffs of the respective tournaments. 

Allow has been a part of NUTURN since January this year, only leaving very recently. The player managed to win VCT Stage 2 with NUTURN and reach 3rd place in Masters 2: Reykjavik. Unfortunately, the team couldn’t find success thereafter in either VCT Stage 3 or the following APAC Qualifiers for VALORANT CHAMPIONS. Allow left the team after APAC. 

With this signing, Team Jadeite’s new VALORANT roster so far includes:

  • Lee “Hate” Ye-hun
  • Park “allow” Sang-wook 

We here at Runitback will give out more updates when more players for the team are announced. 

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