Everything we know about Breeze, the latest map coming to Valorant

Everything we know about Breeze, the latest map coming to Valorant

Gabriel Ionica

4/16/2021, 5:56:25 PM

It looks like Valorant is taking a trip from Icebox’s frozen tundras to the warm beaches of “Breeze”, as the new map might be called. Before this leak, the map had the working title of “Foxtrot”. “F” is the sixth letter of the alphabet, which corresponds to this being Valorant’s sixth map.

The Breeze Postcards

Valorant Leaks revealed some images on April 13 which seem to point to Valorant’s new beach-themed map. Twitter user Crynprel also discovered that advertisements and magazines featuring these images appeared in-game.

The images are in the style of postcards with the words “Explorer” on the first and “Wander” on the second. The first card seems to be in French, with the phrase “Visitez Breeze” in the lower right corner which translates to “Visit Breeze.” This would also make the word “Explorer” French for “to explore.” Perhaps the map is a beach somewhere in France? A palm tree with a tire swing is also seen in the background.

The second card is an English variant of the first and features the same image from the first card but more zoomed out. The phrase “Visit Breeze” is present in the lower right corner alongside the Kingdom organization’s logo.

On the left side of both cards, the phrases “Printed in England” and “Kingdom Subsidiary” appear. The Kingdom is an organization in the Valorant lore that aims to harness the power of Radianite. Each map has different references to the Kingdom, with Split being their headquarters. Perhaps “Breeze” is another map where The Kingdom holds some sort of power.

The Loading Music and Battle Pass Clues

The dataminers over at Valorant Express also uncovered the new map’s loading music. It features what seems to be the sound of a steel drum, an instrument prominently used in Caribbean “tropical” music.

The Caribbean is a likely location for the new map, given that the region has had some French influence in the past. This would explain the loading music and the French words on the postcard.

Prior to these postcards, other clues to the new map appeared in Valorant’s battle pass. Tier 48 features a player card titled “Lost at Sea?” that features a large cargo ship surrounded by what seem to be military dinghies. Tier 23 unlocks the “Mango Tango” gun buddy, a tropical fruit that might point to a tropical map. Lastly, Tier 45 unlocks the “Old Salt” gun buddy, which is a pirate hat and a pirate’s hook hand. The Icebox kitchen TV also had a “Hawaii” cam.

We’ll keep you updated on new developments leading up to, and including, the map’s release. As always, follow us at Run it Back and join our Discord for all your latest news, extensive guides, and exclusive interviews in the world of Valorant.


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