Essential One-Way Smokes Guide: Haven

Essential One-Way Smokes Guide: Haven

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski

10/5/2020, 4:25:44 PM

Valorant’s Omen, is categorized as a controller Agent. Due to his Dark Cover (smokes) abilitiy, Omen can control enemy pushes and make their lives harder if they do take a big risk and attempt to push through one of his smokes. However, Omen is also an excellent offensive agent and is used as a Duelist by many. His flash (Paranoia), paired with his teleport (Shrouded Step) make Omen an unpredictable machine on both sides of the battlefield. Given he is in the right hands.

His Dark Cover smokes have one additional use, however. Both Omen and Brimstone are the primary smoke agents in Valorant. What gives Omen a slight advantage when throwing his smokes, is his ability to throw one-way smokes with relative ease. This one-way smokes guide for Omen shows the most essential Dark Covers on defensive side on Valorant’s Haven. Of course, there are more one-ways of this sort that could be thrown. The one-way smokes listed below are what we consider to be the most essential ones to have in your arsenal when wielding the shady Omen on Haven.

Due to a lack of clear defensive one-ways on B-site, this guide does not provide any options for it. The B-site has more possibilities on the attacking front when it comes to Omen’s one-way smokes.

A Long

This fantastic one-way will catch the attackers off guard when they decide to forcefully push onto A-site from long. You should be able to catch at least two attackers once they start entering the site from Ramp. We recommend you hug the corner to hold the angle, from the same position that you cast the Dark Cover. This way, enemies will have to swing very wide to see you, unless they decide to blindly fire through the smoke.

The positioning on this one-way is simple, but the casting can be tricky if not practised beforehand. Hug the corner and aim at the top left of the boxes. Don’t move your mouse and instead focus on pushing the triangle as far as you can before it falls to the ground. Then throw the smoke. This one can be also cast using clear view.

A Short/Sewers

There are plenty of ways to hold Short (or Sewers) by Omen. Using Shrouded Step and holding it from one of the many available angles on top of the boxes is one of the many. However, this one-way Omen smoke will allow you to get the jump on pushing attackers. Once you throw this Dark Cover, you can get yourself some advantage utilizing many angles. The most obvious is by the big boxes in the middle of the site. You can also teleport onto the boxes and hold the angle from there. Additionally, you can hold this angle from further away by the entrance from A-tunnel at the back.

Again, hug the wall by the entrance to A-ramp and aim at the top left side of the boxes near the entrance to Sewers. This time around, throw the smoke when the arrow is closer to the edge, rather than further away from you. We don’t recommend using clear view for this particular one-way Dark Cover.

C Long

Over on the C site, the two boxes by the entrance to Long will be our best friend. This rather simple, yet powerful, smoke allows you to see attackers entering the site from Long, way before they see you. Position yourself at the entrance to Connector, and by the boxes for maximum effect. Do make sure that you have Connector covered somehow, as you’ll be exposed from the back. Surely, you don’t want to get back-stabbed.

To throw this smoke, stand near the doorway and aim at the window behind the double boxes. This smoke usually works as long as you aim at the window and don’t go over the edge of the boxes. We really like this one-way smoke on Haven for Omen, and we feel like it should be everyone’s go-to. We like casting it using clear view, but utilizing the other view is also possible.


This great one-way makes use of the wooden edge above the entrance to Garage. Thrown from Platform (Plat), you have excellent view into Garage without anyone inside being able to spot you first unless they come really close. This is the perfect spot for Operator players.

Aim the at the ledge as shown in the video above. Cast the smoke when the green arrow is on the upper ledge. If it’s on the lower ledge, your smoke will fail and drop to the ground. We prefer throwing this smoke in clear view so that you have a proper view of the ledge above the door.

This rounds out our guide with all the most essential one-way Dark Cover smokes for Omen on Valorant’s Haven.

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