Day 3 of NA Challengers Playoffs — Team Envy takes the third Masters Berlin spot

Day 3 of NA Challengers Playoffs — Team Envy takes the third Masters Berlin spot

Brandon "Mothman" Moore

8/14/2021, 1:04:39 AM

Day 3 of NA Challengers Playoffs only consisted of two matches, but they were two of the highest profile matches NA VALORANT could have offered. After Day 2 determined the teams fighting for the third place at Masters Berlin, 100 Thieves and Sentinels were ready to battle for a spot in the Grand Final. Team Envy and XSET went to war with one sent packing home and the other sent packing to Germany. Follow along ahead for results of the entire Day 3 of NA Challengers Playoffs.

Upper Final

  • Sentinels 2:0 100 Thieves

The Upper Final between Sentinels and 100 Thieves began on Split. Sentinels started as the defending team, brushing off everything that 100 Thieves threw at them. The Thieves just could not get anything going in the first half as Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan brutalized them with the Operator. A stellar 3K round by Michael “dapr” Gulino kept the domination going. The pistol round of the second half put Sentinels to map point. It wasn’t long after that for Sentinels to take map one 13:2.

Map two took place on Haven. Sentinels started with a quick pistol round win to keep up their winning ways. A couple more went to them before 100 Thieves showed signs of life. 100T were able to make more out of their attacking turn on this map. It was the incredible Blade Storm usage by Tyson “TenZ” Ngo that kept SEN tight with 100T. Joshua “steel” Nissan had two killer rounds in a row to ensure SEN did not pull ahead. Sentinels pulled ahead after halftime. 100T was determined to keep things close, though, as Spencer “Hiko” Martin kicked it into gear. That seemed to be the last gas 100 Thieves had, though. Sentinels pushed forward late in this one to take the series with a 13:8 victory.

Lower Round 3

  • Team Envy 2:0 XSET

The deciding match for Berlin’s third NA representative kicked off shortly after the opening match ended. Day 3 of NA Challengers Playoffs started with a domination. Both Team Envy and XSET would have loved that outcome for their side. Starting on Ascent, XSET would pull ahead early. Team Envy stayed in the fight, though, with some insane Operator plays by Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker. Halftime approached with an even score. NV took the first five rounds before XSET got another on the board. That round win gave them the momentum for another. The rounds then kept piling up with Bryce “PureR” Lovell putting in work. Just like that, it was tied again. PureR put Team Envy down, but could not defuse the Spike in time, giving NV the lead again. One round later and Ascent was over 13:11.

Team Envy started strong on Haven, but XSET quickly looked to tie it up in the opening rounds. Zachary “zekken” Patrone helped his team find some success as they prevented Team Envy from pulling too far ahead. It was Victor “Victor” Wong who made all of that for nothing, setting off a streak of rounds for NV. A nasty Blade Storm clutch by yay put NV up 9:3 at halftime. The second half saw a bit of chaos ensue with XSET able to move in on NV’s lead. That didn’t last long, however. Team Envy dug their feet in and snagged the remaining rounds needed to send them to Berlin. Haven ended 13:7 for the sweep.

NA Challengers Playoffs – Day 4 Preview

Day 3 of NA Challengers Playoffs set the stage for the final stretch. Day 4 will consist of only one series, 100 Thieves vs. Team Envy in the Lower Final. Both teams are already on their way to Masters Berlin along with Grand Final team Sentinels. This match up is for seeding going into the event and some bragging rights.

100 Thieves has defeated Team Envy two out of the last three times they have faced. While the core of 100T remains from those past meetings, NV has made some changes that truly appear to be for the better. Two of North America’s best are going to duke it out and no matter the outcome, it will surely be entertaining.

Stay tuned to Run It Back for more VALORANT Champions Tour coverage as the teams for Masters Berlin begin are decided!


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