Champions Quarterfinals Day 2 — Gambit repent X10, Kru upset Fnatic

Champions Quarterfinals Day 2 — Gambit repent X10, Kru upset Fnatic

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski

12/10/2021, 12:13:58 AM

The second day of VALORANT Champions quarterfinals has arrived. After a day of clean 2-0 victories on the first day of quarterfinals, we were in for a treat before we would move on to witness the semifinalists throw down on December 11.

On December 9, the following teams went head-to-head to determine who’d make the VALORANT Champions semis:

  • Gambit Esports vs. X10 Crit
  • Fnatic vs. Kru Esports

Here is what happened along with featured top plays of the day.

Gambit Esports vs. X10 Crit


We were sent to Fracture, X10’s map pick, as the first battleground of the second day of quarterfinals. Right off the bat, Gambit got to work on attack to get the first two rounds in. Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov almost got an ace in the next round, but was ultimately dropped by the last remaining player of X10. Patiphan “Patiphan” Chaiwong was quickly getting warmed up on Jett as he was X10’s best bet on making a dent in the attackers’ pushes. Gambit was, however, almost perfect in their site executes.

Gambit felt more and more comfy in the half, leading to a 7:3 lead for the EMEA team. X10 was also failing to win duels time and time again, ultimately leading to a 9:3 half for Gambit.

The second half opened with another pistol going Gambit’s way, though X10 retaliated on the follow-up. A brawl erupted soon after with both sides trading rounds as Gambit was creeping close to victory at 11:5.

An intensely close round, with a great lurk by Itthirit “foxz” Ngamsaard gave X10 the round as he was able to clean up the defending Gambit defusing the spike to keep the comeback dream alive.

Gambit followed up with the next two rounds in retaliation, however, bringing them to map point at 12:7.

There, feeling comfortable as ever, Nikita “d3ffo” Sudakov, got a 3k to practically guarantee the round for his side.

Gambit stole X10’s map pick, Fracture, with a comfy 13:7 lead.


Action kicked off on Ascent with X10 on the defense. foxz ended up in a 1v2 situation with a retake task on his shoulders. Solid utility use (except an accidental self-Shock Dart), guaranteed him the final kill to grant X10 the pistol in style.

X10 got the anti-eco, but Gambit were back in business on their full buy, making it a 2:1 lead for X10.

Gambit were good for one more round, but an all-round solid performances from Patiphan, foxz, and Panyawat “sushiboys” Subsiriroj on defense, put X10 up 6:2. Gambit, however, made a breakthrough round after a well orchestrated B-site push and nAts getting a 3k on a thrifty round to get them back in it at 6:3. X10 retaliated with one round but their opponents looked motivated to make it a 7:5 half. And with solid executes, they achieved just that.

The second half pistol saw Gambit storm the A site for a retake to bring them just 1 round behind X10 Crit. However, X10 showed great composure by forcefully entering the B site twice, leaving nAts alone on the A site alone, forced to save, making it 9:6 for the Thai team.

A 10:6 lead for X10 forced Gambit to take a much-needed timeout to talk things over. That did not go well for the EMEA team as early aggression resulted in them getting wiped-out without finding much value in the round.

Gambit managed to finally snag one round, but X10 were un-phased by the pressure. They went right back to doing their thing and managed to close out the map in their favor 13:7. We were headed to the third map of the series.


Breeze was the leftover decider map as it was do-or-die time for both squads. Gambit got off to a solid start on defense by getting themselves the first three rounds as the defenders.

X10 finally broke-through with a solid mid-push to get themselves onto B site and fend off the remaining defenders. This brought them back in the game at a 1:3 deficit. X10 continued their momentum as we had a game on our hands with a tied 3:3 war on Breeze.

A Thrifty round from Gambit flipped the momentum as all hell broke loose on B, pulling them back ahead at 4:3.

From then on, both teams started trading rounds, yet Gambit’s adjustments on the fly started reigning supreme. Despite that, X10 had the last say in the half to make it a tight 7:5 in favor of Gambit.

The second half kicked off with X10 taking the battle to Gambit as they bagged the first two rounds to tie the series up at 7:7.

On the following round a brilliant play by foxz to get a 3k granted X10 an eventual win on their bonus round…or so we thought. Left in a 2v4, Chronicle and D3FFO stepped up big to turn it around in the end.

Gambit’s confidence was boosted after that clutch and they ran with it. The momentum was there as yet another 1v1 clutch by D3FFO showed that Gambit are in it to win it at 10:7.

Everything was going right for Gambit. In the X10 camp, however, serious whiffs and mistakes eventually led to their demise. Gambit continued running with the momentum and managed to finally repent the Thai representatives with a 13:7 score.

Gambit move on to the semifinals. X10 Crit’s run at VALORANT Champions has ended.

Fnatic vs. Kru Esports


Fnatic opened things up on Haven with Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev taking charge on Jett, ultimately granting them the first two rounds. Kru retaliated on their first buy round and started to run with it, effectively taking out the attackers for 3 straight rounds to pull ahead.

Fnatic’s Derke had enough as on round 6 he popped off again to take out 4 Kru players to defend the Spike and make it all even at 3:3.

An all-out brawl emerged right after, with the teams trading blow-for-blow. Eventually, Jake “Boaster” Howlett and co. managed to extend to a reasonable 7:4 after a great series of executes. Kru managed to get an opening pick on the final round of the half, but FNC shrugged it off to take B and make the retake impossible. The half started off close, but Fnatic started rolling to get themselves an 8:4 lead.

Fnatic continued their momentum into the second half. The pistol went their way as a series of trades from Boaster and Derke put them up 9:4. Then, all of a sudden, Kru whipped out a Thrifty round on Sheriffs to let Fnatic know it’s far from over. Fnatic shrugged it off, however, and continued rolling the rounds in.

At a 10:6 deficit, Kru’s Angelo “keznit” Mori pulled out all the stop to clutch a very unfavorable 1v2 to keep his team in it.

This brought an energy surge to the Chilean-Argentinian team as they went on to bring the hectic matchup to a 9:10 deficit. Fnatic, however, were excellent in creating flanks and on the retake as the next two rounds went in their favor, bringing them to map point.

However, this match point only gave Kru an incentive to increase pressure onto Fnatic. Joaquin Ignacio “delz1k” Espinoza Soto and co. chased down the Fnatic lead. Determined to snatch Haven, Kru tied the map up at 12:12 to force OT.

In OT, Magnum was left in a 1v2 situation. Despite his best efforts off of a rotate, Mazino was too fast on the trigger and took him out. Fnatic were feeling the pressure, but Boaster‘s 2k onto incoming Kru attackers was enough to seal it up at 13:13.

With Fnatic on the A site, Kru had to pull of a crunch-time retake to get their 14th round. NagZ got a 3k with an Operator to leave the site open for his teammates to clinch the round.

Kru followed this up with an A-site execute of their own. In contrast to Fnatic however, they were able to finish things off then and there to make it 15:13 in their favor after an intense OT.


After a heated matchup on Haven, action did not cool off on Icebox. Fnatic kicked things off once more to snag the first two rounds on attack. It was all dandy for the FNC squad before keznit decided to get not only an Ace, but 6 kills coming after Sage’s Ressurect to get the Spike defused.

At a 2:2 scoreline, Fnatic forgot all about that round and continued doing their thing on Icebox. Great lurks and awareness on the map brought them ahead to 6:2. Domagoj “Doma” Fancev and Derke were coming up big for Fnatic on their road to tie the series up.

Fnatic’s site entries were looking impeccable. FNC managed to plant the Spike on multiple occasions and were simply stellar in keeping their opponents in check. This extended the already solid lead to a further 10:2 at half-time.

Under pressure, Kru lost the pistol, but keznit thrived to clutch the 1v2 against Magnum and Mistic to keep his team in it.

Fnatic, however, were un-phased by the play, and returned the blow by reaching map point. keznit‘s heroics did not end there, as he guaranteed two more rounds for Kru by getting himself a 4k, followed by yet another Ace. Kru’s one man army, however, was simply not enough to get within reach of the 12-point mark and Fnatic eventually finished things off with a 13:6 win on Icebox.


The last map of the quarterfinals was Split, as both Fnatic and Kru had to win this to go to the semis and face Gambit Esports. This time around, the LATAM team kicked off the action by snagging the first two rounds on defense. Fnatic managed to get one round back, but Kru were feeling it and extended their lead to 4:2 to keep things interesting.

Derke and co. were attempting to make well executed site entries that seemed effective at first. However, Kru kept picking off the attackers with well coordinated positioning to cut all hope. This brought them a 6:2 lead before Fnatic barely took one back to make it 6:3.

At a 7:4 deficit, Fnatic’s Doma pulled out all the stops on KAY/O to get a 3k and make the comeback a doable one at 7:5 before side switch.

Kru took the second pistol on Split after a great B-site hit as the pressure was mounting for Fnatic. The follow-up also went in favor of the LATAM team, as Fnatic had to think fast to mount a comeback from a 9:5 deficit.

Fearlesness from Kru has not ceased as their confidence was through the roof to grab their 10th round on Split. Finally, Boaster gave a breath of hope for his side after clutching a 1v2 to get the Spike defuse in the nick of time, making it 10:6.

That did not remotely deter Kru from doing their thing. They got their 11th round before chaos ensued on site B and Nicolas “Klaus” Ferrari decided to get Kru their match and series point.

With their backs against the wall, Fnatic geared up to mount a comeback as it was now or never. Two rounds went their way after successful Spike defuses. However, little did we know that that would be the end. Mazino pulled off a 1v2 on a bleeding Mistic and Doma to finally cut Fnatic’s lifeline.

Kru once more defied all expectations. First it was Sentinels, now it was time for Fnatic. Kru will face Gambit in the semifinals. Fnatic have been eliminated from VALORANT Champions.

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