Champions 2021 bundle proceeds update — $7.5M

Champions 2021 bundle proceeds update — $7.5M

Lynne "drDelta" Dumeny

12/8/2021, 2:14:36 PM

On November 24th, Riot announced that 50% of the proceeds from the Champions Collection bundle would be distributed equally to the teams. Since the bundle’s release, they have announced that it has accumulated over 7.5 million dollars USD to distribute to the teams.

While the distribution of the money within the organization is up to its discretion, many people are calling for players to get a sizable cut, if not the majority.

Sam Mathews, the founder and CEO of Fnatic, also provided some insight as to how funds from leagues are typically split.

SapphiRe, one of the main observers at Champions and a VP at Dignitas, has suggested that 80% of the organization’s cut goes to the players.

As the Champions’s broadcast continues to show the spectacular finisher during the playoffs and with the expectation of increased viewership, there may be more fans who purchase the bundle. With the bundle available until December 13th, it is possible that the funds could increase beyond the impressive 7.5 million dollars.

The amount of crowdsourced funds from this bundle is hopeful for the future of VALORANT as this demonstrates a successful revenue model and opens up more doors for the growth of the scene. With consistent upsets from the smaller regions, the expected viewership, and this potentially successful model of revenue, Champions continues to demonstrate the health of VALORANT as a new esport.

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