Brimstone Smoke Guide: Haven

Brimstone Smoke Guide: Haven

Richard Brown

6/26/2020, 10:42:37 AM

If you are new to Valorant, or haven’t had a chance to play Brimstone yet, this Haven Smoke Guide is the perfect place to help you get started. This guide will outline three smoke setups that can be used on the attacking side, and three smoke setups for the defensive side for the map Haven. The guide will also provide some additional information on how these smokes should be used.

Brimstone’s Sky Smoke ability allows him to deploy 1-3 smokes onto the map each round, within a certain area of where he is currently standing. These smokes, when used in coordination with the rest of the team can be very useful, on both defense and attack. They are also the longest-lasting ‘smoke-type’ ability in the game, with a duration of 14 seconds. Every round Brimstone will have one smoke available, with the option to purchase two additional smokes for 100 credits each.

Brimstone’s other abilities include:

  • Incendiary – An area of effect, damage over time ability. Used to clear out positions or prevent rushes, (Very similar to the Molotov in CSGO).
  • Stim Beacon – This ability allows you to deploy a stim beacon onto the ground, providing a radius that grants players “RapidFire”.
  • Orbital Strike (Ultimate) – Brimstone’s ultimate ability allows him to launch an orbital strike laser, which will kill any enemies caught in the radius when it lands.


The map Haven is unique in Valorant, as it has three bomb-sites. This allows the attacking side another option for planting the spike. The middle bomb-site (B-site) is the easiest to access, however, it often proves the most difficult to hold.

There are many abilities that can be used to effectively retake the B-site and block off vision for the attacking-side, allowing the retaking side to defuse the spike. Spike plants on the B-site are more likely to be successful when the attacking side has their ultimate abilities ready, most notably Sova or Brimstone’s ultimates.

The other two bomb-sites are both accessible through two choke points each, meaning that the attacking side will often be attacking these bomb-sites from more than one position.

Haven Overview
Image via Blitz.gg

Brimstone Haven Smoke Guide: ATTACK


These smokes can be used to set up an execute onto the A-site. This will require your team to have control of the A-short and A-long areas. Using only two smokes, the third smoke can be used to either take control of A-long at the beginning of the round, or to fake like you are trying to take mid-control.

The two smokes shown below allow the players coming from A-short a clear pathway to the bomb-site and will be able to plant the spike. The players coming from A-long can easily hold the right side of the site-box, as heaven is smoked off.

Brimstone Haven Smoke Guide - A Split
Image via Riot Games


These smokes will allow you to get a quick spike-plant onto the B-site and can be used very effectively in combination with a flash from Reyna, Breach, or Phoenix. It won’t be too hard to take control of the front part of the B-site, however, playing the post-plant and winning the round will be more challenging. Ultimate abilities will be very useful when attempting a B-site plant.

In order to set up for these smokes you may need to use your first smoke on the B-entrance, allowing your team to take control of middle and get closer to the site.

Brimstone Haven Smoke Guide - B smokes
Image via Riot Games


These three smokes will allow your team to take control of the garage area and attack the C-site from two areas. Since you will be coming through narrow choke-points, it is probably best to do a push like this late into the round, once you have had a chance to bait out some of the opposition’s abilities.

Using Brimstone’s incendiary ability towards the back left of the C-site is also advised, as that is a common position for defenders to play. They will also be able to peak towards C-long from that position, so players should focus on that area as they move into the site.

Brimstone Haven Smoke Guide - C Split
Image via Riot Games

Brimstone Haven Smoke Guide: DEFENSE

A-Short Smoke

This is quite a useful smoke to use at the beginning of the round, either for yourself or to set up another player. If you jump up onto the box in the corner of the A-short room, you can see over the top of the smoke. This allows you to go for an early pick, or just to get early information on opposition players coming towards A.

After deploying this smoke you have the option to smoke a deeper position and hold it, or to fall back onto the bomb-site and smoke off the smaller choke-points later in the round.

Brimstone Haven Smoke Guide - A Defense
Image via Riot Games


These smokes can be used for an aggressive play on defense. They will allow your team to take control of the middle area and disrupt the opposition, as well as getting early information on their positioning. The B-site and garage players will be able to push out from their normal positions and fight for control of the middle area for the duration of the smokes. This will allow these players to either take up advanced positions in these areas or get a frag and then retreat and play it safe.

Brimstone Haven Smoke Guide - Mid Control
Image via Riot Games


These smokes are pretty straight forward, simply blocking off small choke points to prevent enemies coming through. If you are playing near these positions, it might be better to choose either C-long or garage and focus on re-smoking these areas for most of the round. This is often a better approach when compared to smoking both choke-points for 14 seconds, and then only having one smoke left for the rest of the round. You can also alternate which position you focus your smokes towards on different rounds, making it difficult for your opponents to read.

Brimstone Haven Smoke Guide - C Defense
Image via Riot Games

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