Brimstone Smoke Guide: Essential Setups on Icebox

Brimstone Smoke Guide: Essential Setups on Icebox

Richard Brown

11/21/2020, 4:06:04 PM

This guide will outline three smoke setups that Brimstone players can use on the attacking side of Valorant’s newest map, Icebox. These smokes can be used to take map control, execute onto sites or even as fakes. The guide will also provide some additional information on how these smokes should be used.

Brimstone’s Sky Smoke ability allows him to deploy 1 to 3 smokes onto the map each round, within a certain area of where he is currently standing. These smokes, when used in coordination with the rest of the team, can be very useful on both, defense and attack. They are also one of the longest-lasting ‘smoke-type’ abilities in the game, with a duration of 14 seconds. Every round Brimstone will have one smoke available, with the option to purchase two additional smokes for 100 credits each.

Brimstone’s other abilities include:

  • Incendiary – An area of effect, damage over time ability. Used to clear out positions or prevent rushes (very similar to the Molotov in CSGO).
  • Stim Beacon – This ability allows you to deploy a stim beacon onto the ground, providing a radius that grants players “RapidFire”.
  • Orbital Strike (Ultimate) – Brimstone’s ultimate ability allows him to launch an orbital strike laser, which will kill any enemies caught in the radius when it lands.

Setups on Icebox

A-site: These three smokes will completely block off the back side of the site, allowing your team to clear out the forward sections. The smokes will also block off the rafters and the positions that enemy players will be rotating in from. This will isolate any enemy players who are on site, allowing your team to take care of them before any help arrives.

This execute is a great way to end off the round after your default map control.

Brimstone Smoke Guide Icebox - A-site
A-site view
images via Riot Games

Mid-A Split: These smokes can be used to take control of the Middle area, allowing your team to split towards the A site. By smoking off the B Tube and Mid Boiler areas, you will be able to gain access to Middle with very few angles that enemy players will be able to shoot you from. The last smoke then blocks off enemy players on their side of Middle, stopping them from being able to see you as you move towards the A-site.

Taking control of Middle is an important way to keep the enemy team guessing. By taking control of this area, the options for splits towards either site are always on the table. This means that enemy players will have to divide their attention away from the positions they usually hold. This can make straight hits on the other sites more viable, as well as splitting from Middle to either A or B.

Brimstone Smoke Guide Icebox - Mid-A Split
Mid-A Split view
images via Riot Games

B-site: These three smokes can be used very effectively as part of a full execute from B Green. By blocking off these three positions, you narrow down the options that enemy players will be able to shoot you from. This will often force them into playing a retake on the B-site. While there still are positions that enemy players will be able to shoot you from, the number of these spots have been significantly reduced.

This smoke setup can be used to finish off the round as part of an execute, or as a fake while the rest of your team hits the A-site.

Brimstone Smoke Guide Icebox - B-site
B-site view
images via Riot Games

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