Bren Esports to miss Masters Berlin due to VISA issues

Bren Esports to miss Masters Berlin due to VISA issues

David "Miles David" Josiah

9/3/2021, 5:30:07 PM

For the past few days, there have been unconfirmed rumors that the players of the Filipino organization, Bren Esports, have been unable to obtain VISAs in order to compete in Masters 3: Berlin. Today, Riot gave the following announcement on twitter:

Top Results Wasted

Despite getting the first seed in the VCT SEA qualifiers, BREN will not be competing in Masters 3. It’s a sad day for fans of Pinoy Esports both at home and across the globe. Unfortunately, the country is still considered to be a high risk area with regards to the current global pandemic. However, with the circuit points that Bren has been awarded, they do have enough to enter the APAC Last Chance Qualifiers. Their hopes for a spot in the International ring is still alive, but the road ahead is difficult. The APAC LCQ will feature top teams from SEA, Korea, China, Japan, and India. Competition is going to be extremely fierce.

The changes to the tournament is as follows:

The teams in Group D will have to play each other twice and the team with the least wins will not be going to the single-elimination bracket. The other groups remain unaffected.

Bren Esports also had this to say about the unfortunate situation:

Hopefully, COVID-19 restrictions will ease up by the time Valorant CHAMPIONS rolls around and the team can get another chance to compete on the world stage. 

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