Aim Lab partners with Vision Strikers VALORANT team

Aim Lab partners with Vision Strikers VALORANT team

Naim "EnKay" Rosinski

7/1/2021, 9:13:27 PM

Vision Strikers VALORANT team have announced their partnership with an immensely popular FPS training program, Aim Lab. The partnership sees Aim Lab partner with the first FPS team from the country of South Korea.

Source: Vision Strikers

Aim Lab x Vision Strikers

Aim Lab is a one-of-a-kind FPS training platform that features an AI analytics system that analyzes a player’s performance to adjust training. The company have already partnered with multiple organizations on the esports scene including G2 Esports, Team Liquid, and DarkZero Esports. To add to that, Aim Lab has become the official training partner of Rainbow Six Siege in April of 2021.

Vision Strikers are a powerhouse in the South Korea VALORANT region. Despite their failure to qualify for the first international VALORANT LAN in Reykjavik (VCT Masters Reykjavik), the South Korean team holds a record of 100+ unbeaten series. It is therefore no wonder that the two parties have decided to cross swords on the ever growing VALORANT scene.

“I appreciate this great opportunity to develop and improve our players’ skills further with Aim Lab’s innovative tools and technology. With Aim Lab, we will continue to work and challenge ourselves as we aspire to become the best team in the world.”

– Soon-woo “ARGENCY” Kwon, coach of Vision Strikers VALORANT team.

For savvy VALORANT players, Aim Lab offers custom maps and weapons that were recreated to make Aim Lab practice as similar as possible to the actual VALORANT game.

Vision Strikers is currently looking to dominate at the qualifiers for the upcoming VCT Masters Stage 3. The second international LAN will take place in Berlin, Germany.

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