5 Agents Great for Upcoming Valorant Game Mode Replication (and 5 Who Would Suck)

5 Agents Great for Upcoming Valorant Game Mode Replication (and 5 Who Would Suck)

Phillip Miner

5/9/2021, 3:36:12 PM

Yesterday, the official Twitter account of Valorant announced a new game mode to be added soon, called Replication. Riot dropped a trailer providing a hint as to what the new game mode could be like:

Riot Games provided no details about Valorant Replication beyond this trailer. As a result, a huge amount of speculation has followed. The prevailing notion as to what Replication would be like is multiple copies of the same agent in the same game. This makes sense, considering the absurd amount of Brimstone smokes, as well as the game mode name itself.

Assuming this is the case for Replication, we have some ideas as to who would be the most fun to play. We also have some idea of who would ruin the game mode. Here are our top picks for either side, assuming our predictions of Replication in Valorant hold true.

The 5 Best Agents


Turn Valorant into Naruto (or similar) by having multiple copies of Jett! Knives will fly everywhere as players take to the skies. Really not much else can be said, but the prospect of this matchup probably has anime lovers salivating.


Chaos incarnate! If you like explosions, Raze would definitely have you covered in Replication. There have been hints of what matchups with multiple copies of Raze would be like in Escalation, the previous alternative game mode in Valorant. If you liked the all-Showstopper rounds in Escalation, Replication might be your jam depending on how it turns out.


Reyna is already the queen of clutches, considering her ability to engage multiple opponents. Having multiple Reynas on the field would definitely spice things up! Then we could see the best of Reyna players truly dominate in an epic deathmatch.


This would be a battle of wits as multiple Omen players attempt to out-position each other via teleporting. Also, Omen’s smokes aren’t as easy to apply and abuse as, say, those of Brimstone. Early strategic placement of smokes could be a key factor in a multi-Omen battle. There’s definitely layers of strategy here.


Ever heard of Spy vs. Spy, published by MAD Magazine? A multi-Cypher game definitely gives off such vibes. A huge battle of wits would ensue as Cypher players try to hide cameras on each other, lure each other into traps, and generally try to outplay each other.

The 5 Worst Agents


Three flashes per player. Need I say more? Breach should be banned from Replication if it turns out like we’re speculating. It’s no fun playing Valorant when you’re blind for more than five seconds.


For similar reasons as Breach. Furthermore, considering how most of her beasts can be remotely controlled to some extent, a Replication game with multiple Skyes would just be them hanging around corners and throwing their beasts at each other until someone slips up.


Beginning to see a pattern here? Agents with full-screen flash abilities would be no fun in Replication. No corner would be safe with multiple Phoenixes in play. Not to mention with multiple fire hazards in play from either side, it’d get confusing as to which fires are friendly or not.


It’s not just Yoru’s flash that’s of concern here. His ability to mimic footsteps would cause a lot of audio confusion. You’d go both blind and deaf with multiple Yorus in play.


Can you imagine multiple Astra ultimates cutting up the map? Yeah, that would suck.

We here at Run it Back will update you with more information on Valorant Replication as we get it. And please stick around for all your other Valorant needs!


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